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  1. Would be hard considering how packed the luggage container is. Maybe specific coaches for worthy farm ticket holders would do the trick.
  2. As someone who came by coach and had worthy view tickets this year, it worries me as there may be up to triple the amount of people hoping to get from gate A to Worthy View and back now. Maybe i arrived at the wrong time but they did not seem to have enough shuttles. And they used really old buses that were struggling to drive up the hill lol. Plus it is one extra huge queue for the already impatient crowd. Managed to skip it tho as they had one last free seat and I was traveling solo, wohoo. But getting back was when it got really bad. Shuttles were supposed to start going at 3AM Monday morning. Some people who had to be at gate A around 4AM stayed at the pick up point hours before to make sure they’d get on the first bus... which ended up being an hour late. People were really angry cause apparently the same thing happened previous festival as well. Thinking back now it wasn’t too bad, cause with 200k people what was i thinking expecting the perfect transportation, but being in the moment it really ruined the end of a great weekend. anyway, my point is, they better be prepared this time.
  3. Kind of yes, all the areas are branded someway. But it rarely is plain advertisement, they are usually connected to some fun activities etc.
  4. Tomorrowland is a business, their interest is to gain more revenue and by expanding the festival they will do it Glastonbury.. kind of.. is not. Their interest lies elsewhere. All they really care about is a fun successful festival. Posts here prove why weekend 2 would not be one and would take the "special" away.
  5. eyebrain

    2020 headliners

    A friend of mine who works for a ticketing company told me as well that Bruce is playing all over Europe next summer. That’s all I know.
  6. Probably a licencing issue.
  7. We had 11 of us trying for 9 people. One of us got through on 3rd minute, but every page forward kept loading and loading. Meanwhile we tried for the second group which got through around 10 minutes later and booked tickets quickly. The one who got through on 3rd minute was still time outing, at this point on the payment page. Afraid to get blocked, we already had 2 other people on stand-by on registration number entering page, so if something happens they continue. At one point we just continued and got tickets for all of us.. Jesus what a stress.
  8. It's 8 of us, so we somehow got to split into two groups. Everybody wants to go with everybody. It's a disaster if only one gets through.
  9. Are they tho? They're one of those heavier crossover bands that do have a lot of mainstream popularity. For example, I can't see Avanged Sevenfold, Def Leppard or Tool headlining Sziget, not even Iron Maiden, but I'd say SOAD does appeal to a much wider demographic. Would still be a risky booking tho. Anyway, I can't see those guys spending the whole summer in Europe. Pretty sure they'll be done before August.
  10. eyebrain

    The Rock Slot

    Yeah, but their lyrical themes... kind of.. resemble to the message Glastonbury represents. Or maybe I'm just lying to myself cause I really want to see them.
  11. eyebrain

    The Rock Slot

    As a band they would definitely fit and I can't see any reason why they wouldn't be up to it, apart from maybe being too big for the slot!?
  12. Can't comment on getting in and out of the festival and the public transportation, because we stayed on the island. (Which i personally believe is the only way to get the maximum out of the festival) But when arriving and leaving I've never faced any serious issues, however I always come a day earlier and leave with taxi, queue for taxi is completely fine if you plan ahead. The crowd really depends on the performers this specific day has. The festival started as a student festival and average crowd has always been younger. Food this year was more expensive than previous years. I doubt that changes. Crowds at Ed has never happened before, it was officially the most sold day ever at the festival, if I remember correctly. During my 6 years this kind of crowd disaster has never happened before. All in all I didn't see any issues that would have been a deciding factor. It was a great year. Compared to Glastonbury, crowd control was much better at Sziget, and food was cheaper at Sziget. So not sure what they're complaining.
  13. Performing arts acts were brilliant this year. I'd even go that far and say that instead of music, this year my biggest highlights came from circus and theatre. Cirque Alfonse was mind-blowing (although my friend went to see the show a few days later and said it was not good at all, as they had many mistakes) Have to give credits here to "Elephants Laugh" (the one where they were inside water-cabins) at the theatre and dance tent as well. And mad respect to "Gravity and Other Myths", too! I think literally everybody who walked by stayed to see the show. The new venue Fulldome was a great addition. Even though the line to get in seemed to be way too long, it actually went pretty fast. We did see a few acts at the Global Village, but it really seemed to be lacking audience. I think there were like 50 of us watching Ezza. I think the issue with Global Village was that it was just in a white plain tent. They had some great decorations inside, but it did not attract people walking by. Outside, it did not really look something you'd call a "global village". Why would you wonder inside a random white tent if there's so much more going on at a festival? The whole area around the venue could be used for some amazing visuals to keep people around. Instead, there was a huge empty field around the venue, disappointing
  14. Didn’t Jain used to have a band with her? Seemed a bit dull as she was alone and just sang on a backing track..
  15. If you're arriving on the morning, it will take some time for you to find some, but you'll be fine eventually. I have always arrived a day before and got a spot under a shade, just takes a bit of time. The prime spots are taken of course.
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