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  1. Last year's prices 🙂 (think I got this image from this forum when I was researching, so thanks to whoever uploaded it!)
  2. We went to a gig there Friday and had awesome burgers from Mother Clucker, made fresh in front of you and great value. You can take them in to the Kerryman to eat while you enjoy a pint, there was a friendly, no-frills vibe in there. O2 inst is right between the two. There were quite a few pubs and eateries all within 5 mins of the venue, you've got Chinatown 10 mins away too.
  3. Interested in replies. We are also after two 2-man.
  4. Specifically after a tipi? You could go for an 8 man scout tent at Worthy View and have a bit of space spare.
  5. Awesome thank you for the info. Same kind of area so think I will take a risk on booking accommodation for the night before.
  6. First time travelling from Birmingham, previously did the Brighton coach. Where has the coach picked up previously in Birmingham? Is it still Hill Street (where the Megabus goes from)? Thanks all! 🥰
  7. Thanks guys, although unsuccessful in the coach resale 😭 Will be trying again today, last chance salloon. We live in Cumbria so will probably still drive down to Bristol and get a regular coach/shuttle to and from there.
  8. On a similar note, does anyone know where the coach pick up point in Bristol is? Assuming bus station but we've only done it from Brighton in the past.
  9. Our returns to Brighton 2015 and 2016 were around 7am.
  10. 2015 and 2016 it was morning - can't find the confirmations but it was about 8am if I remember rightly. We were pitched with a beer in hand by about 2.30pm.
  11. Yup, we had the same. It was close the end so assume there weren't enough seats on the coach or something. Fuming doesn't even scratch the surface... Ah well, Sunday it is - although we run a B&B so will be booting people out from breakfast early!
  12. I have a 10 digit and my boyfriend has 9 - we've used these reg numbers twice before. Don't worry!
  13. naomi1303

    Coach travel

    Depends where you travel from. Some have a choice. We didn't from Brighton but we were all pitched and beer in hand by 2pm. They were pretty generous with luggage but some people still take the mick. Not allowed to take trolleys/wheelbarrows.
  14. naomi1303


    If they have a new post code they should update their registration, quickly! There's still time before the deadline.
  15. Hobo Jones - yes Power Ballad Yoga - YES! Also try Lloyd Grossman's band on Thursday (The New Forbidden) - usually the first thing we see. They're actually pretty good but the best part is a small group of hardcore "fans" singing "We love Lloyd's pasta sauce" at the top of their lungs and throwing packets of it around. Do some crafts? Spoon carving was cool.
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