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  1. Not sure how this would work but saw someone asking on Facebook so thought we would offer out on here! We have a space available in our WV tents so if there's a group with one person short we could potentially add their name onto our booking? We aren't offering a space to sleep, just an opportunity for someone to squeeze in with friends - my mother in law wouldn't be happy sharing with a stranger ?
  2. Does anyone know whether tents booked at the same time will be next to each other? We're after 2 scout tents.
  3. I know it sounds harsh but yeah, in this type of situation I don't think loyalty** should mean you get preferential treatment. Everybody pays the same price for a ticket, we're all equal. **Also, I take slight issue with loyalty meaning "he who has spent the most money"
  4. I think if you went in with a group of 6 you'd have to accept that your chances would be lower. One shot per reg number otherwise as you say, too complicated. I only mentioned Olympics as it's somewhere I know it has been done and really, I don't know how it would work in practical terms. I don't think the number of times you've been, or how much money you've spent has any bearing on whether you should get a ticket. What about young music/football fans who want to attend for the first time? What about those who can't afford to attend regularly but are desperate to go. They aren't any less worthy. I think it was probably heartbreaking for your father in law but yes, I do think it was as fair as it could have been.
  5. I genuinely haven't twisted anything. I think the current system is discriminatory and a ballot would be fairer, giving everyone who enters an equal chance. I don't agree that effort should necessarily equal reward. Particularly when that effort involves people using multiple devices and large groups working together.
  6. I did get tickets and I've been successful 75% of the times I've tried but I still don't feel it's the fairest way to do it, even though I know my odds would be significantly lowered.
  7. The definition of fairness is everyone having an equal chance without discrimination.
  8. I'm not complaining, I got tickets but it's a complete ballache every time. If it's about fairness then the current system isn't. I'd rather me getting tickets or not didn't depend on whether my internet drops or work interrupts me or any other myriad of factors. I'd feel less sore, if it was purely luck of the draw.
  9. Though you think it's currently based on luck, so effort actually makes no difference.
  10. My thinking is, registration as it is now. They give a 2 week (or whatever) window to enter the ballot in groups of up to 6. Ballot is drawn and you have a certain period to pay the balance in full otherwise your tickets are withdrawn and up for grabs again. They could do a second ballot or have a general resale, similar to now.
  11. So if it's down to luck then why not make it fair and have a ballot?
  12. I reckon you're underestimating the amount of people who don't use computers on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, my mother in law is a very capable person but she doesn't have a great understanding about computers so there's a level of fear there. Anyway, they did a ballot for Olympics tickets, it worked there. In a ballot you really are on par with everyone else. It's categorically the most fair method but because the odds of getting tickets would be lower, people don't want it.
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