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  1. I believe that Love Fields may have some availability. He will need a ticket though, does he have one?
  2. As of last year there was one site-wide production band, which functions similarly to a Hospitality Pass. So you can access the interstage paths and area as well as the hospitality area back there. You can access the backstage areas at the smaller areas. You're not going to get on any stage with just a production pass. There is an override band for the Pyramid and Other stages that you need in addition to whatever festival access band you have. These passes are day specific and for either headliners or pre-headliner only. And even those bands don't necessarily get you access to the side stage
  3. Because it sold out before they announced the changes to pre-erected camping and other site-wide changes.
  4. juuceman


    Liv Tyler stayed at Kerala 2019..
  5. Hospitality was off, or at least half of them were off, as well. I think the only one that didn't have water shut off was Kerala, as they have their own water trucked in.
  6. The festival sold out before they announced these options. Didn't change the demographic for this year...
  7. Most of them are fully booked already. And many of the brokers selling Hospitality passes are down to their last few. It's going to be insanity.
  8. juuceman

    Taylor Swift

    It's AEG / Goldenvoice.
  9. juuceman

    Taylor Swift

    Her interest in festivals is rooted in money. Her last tour didn't sell well - she participated in a strategy that maximized profits above fans and resulted in a lot of her fans sitting in nosebleed sections in stadiums from the initial onsale while those that waited or decided to go at the last minute were able to obtain more prime seating and discounted tickets the week of the show. She can't sell another US tour next year, even with a new album. The Rams are giving her a ton of money to open the stadium for them as part of a longer term relationship.
  10. Is there more than one on either side of the Pyramid stage?
  11. Here in the US, where we have far fewer camping festivals, we see individual days cancelled and/or evacuations somewhat regularly. Governor's Ball in New York City has seen at least one day delayed, evacuated, and/or cancelled for three or more years within the last ten years. Panorama has had the same issue Lollapalooza has had to evacuate multiple times. High wind and the threat of lightning will shut down a festival. Between the stages being basically kites if there's a high wind, and the personnel required to be on high towers for light, etc., it's a reasonable call. Also, we
  12. juuceman

    EPO bands

    Much much much easier to run wired connections to the gates then it is to have every bar and food seller use the POS to do this. The wireless networks probably won't be able to handle it, and the system to check access is much different than that of processing payments.
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