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  1. Is there more than one on either side of the Pyramid stage?
  2. Hospitality balconys?
  3. Adults accept it. Kids riot.
  4. Here in the US, where we have far fewer camping festivals, we see individual days cancelled and/or evacuations somewhat regularly. Governor's Ball in New York City has seen at least one day delayed, evacuated, and/or cancelled for three or more years within the last ten years. Panorama has had the same issue Lollapalooza has had to evacuate multiple times. High wind and the threat of lightning will shut down a festival. Between the stages being basically kites if there's a high wind, and the personnel required to be on high towers for light, etc., it's a reasonable call. Also, we tend to have to deal with evacuating people out from venues and into cities.
  5. juuceman

    EPO bands

    Much much much easier to run wired connections to the gates then it is to have every bar and food seller use the POS to do this. The wireless networks probably won't be able to handle it, and the system to check access is much different than that of processing payments.
  6. juuceman

    EPO bands

    Assuming they've gone RFID, the tech works well here in the US at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and any number of other festivals with 100,000+ people coming and going per day. The scanners need consistent network access to work and so long as that's there it takes 5-10 seconds/person to tap and have the reader come back with a red or green light. I'm surprised they haven't gone to thus system yet at Glastonbury, but assume the investment wasn't worth it due to the vast majority of people staying on site throughout the entire event.
  7. juuceman

    Billie Eilish

    Production issues at the stage were the reason for the delay. She was there (very) early.
  8. Wool. Smartwool makes great merino socks that are incredible, wicking and cooling, year round. Cotton will be the death of you if you get wet.
  9. Post Malone, Cardi B and DJ Khaled all out, they're on Khaled's summer cruise event, which directly conflicts.
  10. I've used Cornucopia before - they're brokers and sell/resell other people's stuff. They're offering a Winnebago in the Interstage area - in all likelihood it's the area that Fran Cutler handles. Good "frandalaybay" or "Fran Cutler Glastonbury" and you'll come up with a bit more info.
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