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  1. Ollie 1995

    Tame Impala

    T-Mouse II. Same Person, Same Old Mistakes
  2. Ollie 1995

    Tame Impala

    I'd expect it to be similar - maybe 1 or 2 more from the upcoming album. Suppose they have to rehearse and have visuals etc prepared - don't know how flexible they'd be. Looks quite short for a headline act, but they do string the songs out (I remember Let It Happen going on for like 10 mins..)
  3. Hi @eFestivals, Could you change my name to Sketchead please? Thanks
  4. Ollie 1995

    Tame Impala

    Seen them support AM 2014, Glasto '16, Citadel '18. 3 really different shows, defo enjoyed it more in the dark/sunset. Happy to miss out on o2 tickets - will see them at glasto instead. Setlist from yesterday: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/tame-impala/2019/empire-polo-grounds-indio-ca-7b933648.html
  5. Nice! Thanks so much - that's my next 2 hours sorted!
  6. Oh that sucks if that's the case. Been looking for it the last hour to get me excited!
  7. A tad off topic - but been looking for the "ultra" HD aerial photo of Glasto where you can zoom in (to the point where you can try and find your tent). Anyone know where this is? I know it was done for 2015/16 but not sure about '17. Thanks
  8. so glad this thread came up - I have been trying to remember what this place was called since 2017. perfect place for me - saw a small band whilst looking down onto the rest of the festival having a beer. will be keeping an eye out for any secret sets there this year. anyone been up/around here to watch the fireworks?
  9. Ollie 1995

    Park Stage 2019

    Sounds about right. Saw that set and he had a good sized crowd. Got a feeling Sunday evening is going to be clash city either way
  10. Ollie 1995

    Park Stage 2019

    Seen Rex Orange County is confirmed for Sunday on The Park. Anyone know where this info has come from? I can't seem to find anything. Also is he expected to headline? Expected him to play a bigger stage but at an earlier time for some reason..
  11. Fair play to you! Normally late food on the way back when I'm drunk is pretty much me holding up a white flag and calling it a night ?
  12. DMA's, Catfish and the Bottlemen? Suppose there's still loads to be announced.
  13. Lol I seem to be less financially well behaved than others. I usually eat at least 3 times a day, averaging about 10 quid a go. Breakfast, lunch and dinner then something on the way back, late in the evening when I'm drunk.
  14. we all demand you to tell us where the crack is
  15. not sure if these have been mentioned but this is excellent
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