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    Pukkelpop 2019

    I think we'll be getting their annual question for your 3 favorite acts soon but no names yet. If they ask, I'll choose for: Jon Hopkins, Tame Impala and The Streets. Fyi: I got 2 out of 3 last year with Shellac and Kiasmos. My 3rd choice was Jon Hopkins.
  2. Salva

    Pukkelpop 2018

    We mainly went for The Buzzcocks that year but I will never forget Mike Patton asking the audience to throw their shoes on the stage.
  3. Salva

    Pukkelpop 2018

    I sincerely hope I will still be going there 9 years from now. I've been going since 1990 (have missed a couple of editions though) and have always enjoyed the festival. Well, credits to Chokri than...allthough I'm confident Eppo will not have opposed to that booking. The choices I had to make on friday were pretty hard...missed HO99O9 but saw METZ instead. Also extremely good. I doubted between Moaning and SN8 as well but think I made the right choice there (red nowhere about Moaning's performance). Not so sure tough of my choice for NERD over Sophie.
  4. Salva

    Pukkelpop 2018

    I am 48 years old and if you would believe all comments you read (especially on dutch speaking fora) you would think PKP has become sort of a burning hell for us oldies. Well....we had a blast! My top 10 1: Shellac! What a band! If next year's line-up consists of Shellac and 149 Travis Scott like acts, I will still buy a ticket. Steve Albini is a legend and Todd trainer is drumming...well...in a league of his own. Credits to Eppo for booking these heroes! 2: Jungle. Much better and more consistent than a couple of years ago. Incredible atmosphere in the Castello. 3: Nakhane. Best voice of the festival (sorry, Trixie), great music, great performance. 4: METZ. Very energetic! This is how punk rock should sound! Discovery of the W-E for me. 5: Steak Nr 8. Even better than last year. Very curious about their career switch. 6: Kiasmos. Just like I expected them to sound: heavy base, beautiful melodies + They played all my favorite tracks! 7: Protomartyr. I didn't care much for the frontman's attitude but his voice and the band's performance more than made up for that. Best postpunk show in years for me. 8: Amenra. surprised by the big crowd in the Marquee to be honest as they aren not really a crowd pleasing band. I managed to get to the front rows after the first two songs and this is where you had to be to really enjoy their show. 9: Justice. Party from minute 1 till minute 70. Too crowded in the beginning but got better as lots of people left early to get a good spot for Kendrick. 10: Sofi Tukker: managed to put a smile on my face for several hours after their show was done. Got us in the mood for the rest of a very good friday. Credits also for Kelly Lee Owens...she had serious problems with her voice but still chose to show up. She tried singing the first 2 songs but her voice went all ways except the right one. So she switched to sort of a boiler room set and frankly, I had a good time. If her voice would have been OK I am almost sure she would have been in my top 10. I also liked James Holden (didn't see the whole show) and thought Sudan Archives and Superorganism were intresting. Also saw the first 40 minutes of TWOD and Arcade Fire and although I am not a MainStage man...I like both shows a lot. Very good sound! NERD was fun...more a friends come together party than a real concert though. All in all, the Castello was the place to be for me this year! The proximity of the new fabulous beer shack will probably have helped to that On the downside: contrary to previous editions, the hiphop let me down this year. I don't understand the hype around Brockhampton. Suicideboys started OK but I got bored after about 3 tracks, that means 4 minutes (they chased me towards the Lift where I saw a very decent show from RBCF so actually...thank you Suicideboys). Saw a couple of songs from leafs and Glints...couldn't keep me interested either. And than Kendrick...I expected better from him. The first half of his show was just not enough for a PKP headliner. The second half was much better. The "encore" was unnecessary. Other letdowns were David August, LA Dispute and BORNS (new Tame Impala? Excuse me?). Due to transport issues I had to miss Madensuyu, Bearcubs and Confidence Man. If I'm in the country I will for sure be back in 2019.