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  1. Thx for clearing that out. "Lawyers" working on "deals" with "promotors". Very little rock'n roll spirit there...:)
  2. I have no experience whatsoever with this kind of contracts but I reckon a contract was signed for a show in 2020 and not in 2021? Given the fact that this situation is new to every one I'd be surprised there are stipulations in these contracts that oblige festivals to book a band in year x+1 if the festival is cancelled in year x.
  3. Groezrock going broke and Ieperfest downsizing has also to do with the fact that metal fests like GMM and Alcatraz are slowly turning into rock fests. List all punkrock and hardcore bands of the 2020 line-ups of those 2 and you have a perfect headliner set for Groezrock and Ieperfest. Not even 5 years ago those bands would in effect have been booked by Groez or Ieper. There simply is too much in that niche for the potential audience nowadays.
  4. Shame we will never know the 2020 line-up. Given the names that were announced for other fests in the same period I'm pretty confident we would have had a great Club, Lift, Castello line-up. The headliners would have been weak as in plan D or E but to me PKP is more about the undercard and the smaller tents. Curious to know if they had Girl Band...saw them 2 years ago in Antwerp. Excellent!!!
  5. Could be Ken just to make a point there to some non believers when the line up becomes public. No seriously, RATM would be great but I saw that band when you had to see them...back in the 90's. In all honesty, given the gap in their schedule and the fact that LL is also still waiting for a headliner, I can see it happen. I also don't think they are really that expensive.
  6. Well, they can't use SXSW as an excuse any longer to make us wait till April.
  7. Two names so far and...two intresting names. I fear they will not keep up with this rate. Anyhow, a good start!
  8. A good name to start with! Once the self confirmations are starting to come out, announcements are bound to come quickly!
  9. Worrying in the way that it becomes more and more clear the Main Stage will be very poor this year...and I guess their problems with getting at least a bit of quality on the Main is what makes them wait so long. But as I wrote in a previous post, there is enough quality around to make for a decent Club, Castello and Lift and even Marquee program. So personally I am not too worried.
  10. Several interesting acts touring in august...hope we get a lot from this list. Angel Olsen, Bambara, Bon Iver, Black Midi, Caribou, Caspian, Chromatics, Daughter, Denzel Curry, Fever 333, FKA Twigs, Floating Points, Foals, Girl Band, Goldfrapp, John, Koffee, Little Simz, London Grammar, Metz, Oathbreaker, Shame, Squid, Stake, Sudan Archives, Tash Sultana, This will destroy you, Viagra Boys,...
  11. First reaction: no Bon Iver....that's an unpleasant surprise to say the least.
  12. Looking at the RW announcement for today and thinking....no harm done really. Wasn't very keen on getting Disclosure or Liam anyway. Big Thief is excellent of course but we had them last year.
  13. If she won't be @ Werchter, I can definitely see her taking a sub or headliner Marquee spot @ PKP. She will be touring than as well.
  14. On top of that Graspop (since a couple of years) and Alcatraz (since this year) also take their share of the availble hardcore/punkrock bands and I think this will be increasingly the case. It could very well mean the end of Groez, Brack, Ieperfest... At the end you can spend a euro only once.
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