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  1. Hoping for Title Fight, The Story So Far Basement, Nothing, Press Club, Nails, Venom Prison, Modern life is war and Jesus Piece to play the cave! Wishful thinking I know
  2. Is it true? Seen the Facebook Your Demise did, haven't listened to them in years
  3. I hope Daughters will show up for a slot maybe subbing The Cave or headlining The Axiom, but I think they will have a bigger slot at Arctangent
  4. I think they will go for an exclusively correct me if I'm wrong I haven't seen Rise Against, The Mars Volta, The Distillers, Gogol Bordello or Jawbreaker announce UK/EU who I think could headline trees.
  5. Only recently got into Knocked Loose wouldn't mind them headlining The Cave also would like to see Counterparts, Defeater, Venom Prison, Lotus Eater and Jesus Piece show up on that day aswell
  6. Frank Carter / Neck Deep/ Bullet For My Valentine
  7. Will from Creeper is teasing something, could be them annocuing themselves for slam dunk
  8. This is a weird one, Limp Bizkit as a headliner?
  9. System Of A Down to sub to Slipknot?
  10. Could Refused comeback to headline?
  11. Queens Of The Stone Age? I'm suprised they haven't headlined yet
  12. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, My Bloody Valentine, Bjork
  13. Wishlist for The Earache Factory Carpenter Brut//Death Grips// Black Peaks//The Algorithm Gallows//The Bronx//Higher Power//Queen Zee Mayhem//Daughters//Venom Prison//Sectioned Every Time I Die//Mongol Horde//GosT//SCUM Honorable Mention: Pendulum in the Town Centre
  14. Fridat MS: QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, Royal Blood, Ghost, Stone Sour, Therapy?, Batushka, Bokassa, Puppy Zippo: Korn Avalanche: Refused, Black Flag Dogtooth: Mayhem, The Black Queen Saturday MS: BLINK-182, You Me At Six, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Neck Deep, The Hives, While She Sleeps, FIDLAR, Yonaka Zippo: Pendulum Avalanche: Ghostemane, Trash Boat Dogtooth: Carpenter Brut, Daughters Sunday METALLICA, Five Finger Death Punch, Architects, Gorjira, Killswitch Engage, Crossfaith, Code Orange, Venom Prison Zippo: Weezer Avalanche: Alkaline Trio, Turnstile Dogtooth: Ho9909, Show Me The Body
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