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  1. Hi Melina! If you want to private message me your number I can add you to the WhatsApp group
  2. Hey! Come along and join us, my friend has also completely cancelled on me as of last night, we’re staying in green and could try save you a spot, what time will you get there on Friday?
  3. @Zdavis99 @GregC93 @Kanashi @Mattgnik @lewisjarvis7 @Mell @Melina Is everyone still in need of people to pitch next to? Because we could all aim for Green, section B and set up a lil camp? Absolutely fine if people aren’t keen or have found others now but if we’re all flying solo then we may as well
  4. Yeah exactly so should be nice and easy to pitch on, I’m at work Thursday so I’ll be arriving somewhere between 6pm and 7pm maybe with my friend maybe not!
  5. Yeah I just kinda figured red & blue will be grim, orange might be loud, so that left green and purple and green was further which means a lot of people won’t be bothered to walk there! What day you getting there?
  6. Hey guys I’m 21 from York, I might be camping solo as my mate is coming during the days but isn’t keen on camping. I’ve scoped out the map and I’m thinking I wanna camp in the green section as it will probably be the quietest and the cleanest (bit of a walk from the arena but I’m not fussed about that).
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