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  1. St Vincent Snapped Ankles Los Campesinos! Jay Som The Courtneys Courtney Barnett and/or Kurt Vile Kate Tempest LCD Soundystem RTJ Vampire Weekend
  2. tombot


    Thanks :) how much are pints at the bars?
  3. tombot


    Is there an on site shop which will sell crates? Concerned about running out...
  4. 2/3 are at the festival... Pheobe Bridgers, the odd one out, is playing her final (listed) date in the UK tonight in London, with her next gig back in the US in about a month. After that she's doing some dates with Baker and Dacus, so an EotR set could be a good warmup for them
  5. The first paragraph of this post might have be a minor hint that the Jarvis Cocker thing has some legs
  6. I'll go first. Extreeeemely long shot but Jarvis Cocker has shown up for every Feist gig in the UK (since it was released) to perform Century... If he does the same next month he could well be in one of the slots. Vampire Weekend seem to have been having a lot of fun on their tour so far, it mightn't be totally unrealistic for them to be in one of the slots. Could one of them be Ezra Furman again?
  7. What's everyones thoughts on the suprise show slots? Heard any rumours? Got any guesses, educated or otherwise? Share them here! As per the stage times, the slots are as follows: Friday 00:15 - 01:00 Saturday 00:15 - 01:00 01:30 - 02:15 Sunday 23:15 - 00:00 00:30 - 01:15 01:45 - 02:30
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