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  1. Highlights for me: Remembering how good Vampire Weekend are, Omar Souleyman, the Pork Belly Banh Mi from Pho Sho, and the amazing weather. Downside: Queues for the toilets in the campervan field were ridiculous in the morning, and I couldn't believe the number of people who were prepared to wait over an hour for a prime time shower! I spent a lot of time and money in the Beavertown bar - there were pints available from £6 which is not totally unreasonable at a festival. The £10 pints were specials, and meant to be served in halves, and they had brought along a very good selection which went on across the weekend.
  2. Well three of us made it out and blew the cobwebs away! We managed a nice route around the car parks and camping fields. I was thinking of getting in touch with EOTR before next years festival and see if we can sort out something more official.
  3. We’re heading out at nine from the ticket exchange point if anyone does make it up... We will be easy to spot!
  4. Any predictions for Piano stage shenanigans this year?
  5. Don't know if this link will work, but there's a pretty simple route around the car parks and camping, starting and finishing at the end of the drive.. The file should open in Google Earth End of the Road Parkrun.kmz
  6. Yes, my comment was regarding the original question which was about getting to/from the festival when it is on, mentioning planning to stay with friends in Shaftesbury, and possibly heading back there every evening. However it is worth bearing in mind that Gillingham Train station is only 12 miles away, rather than the 20 miles to Salisbury, so may prove a cheaper option for taxis and trains, depending on where you are travelling from.
  7. Shaftesbury is only about 12KM away, rather than Salisbury, which is 30KM away, so a Shaftesbury taxi company should be much cheaper than £45.
  8. I'd probably be up for a run, if not actually visiting the BF Parkrun. It's a beautiful site, I'm sure we could do something nicer than a few laps of the car park - I'll fire up google earth later and see if I can plan a route!
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