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  1. My old boss went in 2017 with his wife and some friends as a 50th birthday/bucket list type of thing. Told me he was glad to have it ticked off but wouldn’t be returning.
  2. Hello all, first time in the resale club for me so i realise I’ve been very very lucky the past few years but obviously this isn’t where I wanted to be this morning. Still, onwards and upwards. It ain’t over til it’s over and all that.
  3. I won’t lie I’m very nervous about Sunday as in previous years at least one group of us have managed to get the coach sale but last night nothing. I need to remember that historically we still have more luck in the main sale!
  4. Christ it was a glorious hour in the sunshine. Absolute perfect sunday afternoon set. Take me back!
  5. I’ve tried 4 times but I only managed to get through once myself in those 4 attempts, though by the time I did someone else in my group had already got our tickets. I’ve tried looking for some sort of pattern but really, there isn’t one. The fear for T-day this year really is starting to kick in already!
  6. Lots of good advice already given in this thread and I don’t have much to give, but I’m going through a similar sort of thing at the moment. I’m not in a high-paying or important job though, but instead i’m 28 and have got myself stuck in dead-end customer service jobs, forever overworked and vastly underpaid. I’ve never had the confidence to pursue my passions and instead have just accepted whatever’s come my way, and with the big 3-0 on the horizon I’m really questioning all the decisions I’ve made (and not made) in my life. What’s making it even harder is that my younger brother has just landed his ultimate dream job and I can’t help but compare my failure in life to his success. I’ve also clung on to the last couple of Glastonbury’s as the only real form of escape from the monotony and stress in my life, and this year I really banked so much happiness on those 5 days that the aftermath has been pretty grim. I’m making every effort to take a step back and reevaluate where I am in life. I’m looking at ways of potentially volunteering in sectors that I’d like a career in, and am planning to enrol in a degree course. Someone above mentioned a life coach and that could be a cool idea. Anyway, just so you know you’re not alone in how you feel and there’s always people out there to talk to. Life’s too short to be unhappy but it’s also long enough to make positive changes and lead it in a way that’s true to you. You can do it 🙂
  7. Fanbloodytastic

    The Cure

    Same here, had a copy of their GH album but after last Sunday had to explore further so popped into HMV and picked up Disintegration. Plainsong is so fucking gorgeous.
  8. I’m trying not to get too excited as i’m really paranoid about tempting fate RE tickets, but i’m also unable to help myself and have already; decided on a tent upgrade for next year, chosen which coach location to try for as i moved out of London just before this year’s festival and it was a right pain getting to the 02, and i’ve told everyone with even a smidge of an interest in going next year that I really didn’t enjoy this year’s fest😶
  9. Decided I’m definitely going to upgrade my standard 2-second 3 man pop up for a Black and Fresh XL pop should the ticket gods be kind in October. Absolutely ovenlike this year and only managed a few hours sleep a night.
  10. Went for the Killers, not a huge fan but i listened to their greatest hits album the other day and forgot how many utter bangers they had. Should be a good pissed up singalong.
  11. Randomly picked up a box of plasters and a few packs of wet wipes in Sainsburys today and they gave me that moment of ‘it’s actually happening!’
  12. I love the wednesday and thursday but standing bleary eyed on the Friday morning with a coffee and a breakfast roll, listening to whoever's opening the Other stage, is always my first real 'ah now this is where i'm meant to be' moment of the weekend
  13. I've updated my reg details as I recently moved, and I keep looking at new camping equipment online but i'm way too scared that if I start actually buying stuff i'll jinx it and not get a ticket😧
  14. Hi folks, been lurking since my first Glasto back in 2016 but only just made the jump to actually registering as I seem to be even more obsessed with the festival in this fallow year than I was '16 and '17. I'm praying every day that the ticket gods will be kind once more in October!
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