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  1. Went for the Killers, not a huge fan but i listened to their greatest hits album the other day and forgot how many utter bangers they had. Should be a good pissed up singalong.
  2. Randomly picked up a box of plasters and a few packs of wet wipes in Sainsburys today and they gave me that moment of ‘it’s actually happening!’
  3. I love the wednesday and thursday but standing bleary eyed on the Friday morning with a coffee and a breakfast roll, listening to whoever's opening the Other stage, is always my first real 'ah now this is where i'm meant to be' moment of the weekend
  4. I've updated my reg details as I recently moved, and I keep looking at new camping equipment online but i'm way too scared that if I start actually buying stuff i'll jinx it and not get a ticket😧
  5. Hi folks, been lurking since my first Glasto back in 2016 but only just made the jump to actually registering as I seem to be even more obsessed with the festival in this fallow year than I was '16 and '17. I'm praying every day that the ticket gods will be kind once more in October!
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