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  1. RIP to Yellow general camping, completely absorbed into family camping this year. Anyone else think thats a bit of an odd choice? Family camping put right up to what i think will be one of the loudest parts of the festival (main entrance to arena / all the Village)
  2. I didn't even know you could downvote someone.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone! Definitely going to buy some vouchers in a minute, and check out the food/drink situation outside the festival. Sounds super chilled. Chic would be sick, saw them at Bestival in 2014 and still one of the best acts I've ever seen (Although outkast the same weekend put a very high standard..) A locker will be a good idea actually, how much are they normally? And also any wifi/ charging places around?? We're at Relax campsite? Not too sure what the layout/distance of the campsites are to the arena. Which ssite are you in?? Oh also, worth bringing a sleeping bag? already have a camp bed and the weather (at least in the UK atm) is roasting so thinking of just bringing a sheet for a bit of light cover. What do you think?
  4. ah okay cool, will probably hit a supermarket nearby after setting up and get a crate or two. Good shout on the bottles as well, definitely would have forgotten that by "top up" i meant drink most of my alcohol in the camp site then just stay that level of drunk by getting a few beers in the arena haha
  5. Awesome thanks dude! This was exactly the kind of thing i wanted to hear, definitely going to get some vouchers payday. You going this year? If so who are you looking forward to? Was also wondering what are they like bringing drink etc into the campsite? Would it be worth buying a couple of crates for the campsite then just top up when in the arena?
  6. Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. This is me and my mates first time to Pukkelpop, any tips/ advice for first timers? Also what is the food & drink token system like when using it? Is it worth getting them beforehand? Thanks see you there! JP
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