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  1. Wonder with the security change if they will still buckle and open early birds early? I cant see much changing honestly but be interesting to see if there are any changes
  2. i would like to see pale waves be moved up the bill if they are back this year. They absolutely killed Calling Out this year and with the release of their new album, this has definitely brought them into the "mainstream" per say. I would love to see Sam Fender back as well on the main stage, just been nominated for a Brit award so this would be good to see him moved further up as well.
  3. Just wondering who you think will be headlining
  4. Thanks, I wasn't taking any spirits but I have 38 cans think I will be okay with that?
  5. Hi, I was just wondering how much alcohol you are able to take into the camp site? I read that it says enough for one person but people will drink different amounts? Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to have mine confiscated for having what they deem too much
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