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  1. Oh I already have a Revolut card, Monzo is another one. I was just going to top it up with the amount needed. Is this the best way to do it?
  2. Hi, new to this group but just emailed over to be added to the list. Good luck everyone. Hopefully we all get tickets. 😊
  3. Brill thanks. I saw you wrote on another post saying you took 7 tents and 3 vans lol. Did you ever have trouble getting into the live-in campsite with so many people and one ticket? Only wondering if it's gonna be an issue when i park up in the car park and our tickets is going to be in the campervan already inside the live-in area?
  4. Probably overthinking this massively ... but how does it work when you both come in separate vehicles? I'll be coming with my BF and daughter in our car and my dad is going in his camper. The plan was to pitch our tent next to my Dad's camper-van in our 7x7 pitch. I have a car park ticket too. Presuming our car won't fit in our pitch after the camper-van and tent are there, do you reckon it would be ok parking up in the main car park and walking down?
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