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  1. If you get only half the number of acts, you should pay only half the amount of money for a day ticket.
  2. Beyonce's sister Solange was amazing last year.
  3. Daft Punk and Tool would be nice. 😉
  4. I had a great festival, again. Had to miss the meeting on Friday though, due to a small medical emergency. But no permanent harm done 🙂 My top picks of the 4 days: 1. Sons Of Kemet (Friday) 2. Arcade Fire (Thursday) 3. Amenra (Friday) 4. Sleaford Mods (Saturday) --> there was a very tall British-looking guy in front of me, maybe one of you guys? 5. Shellac (Thursday) 6. Trixie Whitley (Thursday) 7. Rhye (Friday) 8. Nakhane (Friday) 9. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (Saturday) 10. Cigarettes After Sex (Saturday) Also enjoyed Mauro & De Kempenzonen, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, James Holden & The Animal Spirits, Jungle, Ho99o9, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Confidence Man, Sudan Archives, Angèle, Phoebe Bridgers, dirk., La Dispute, The Black Angels, Whispering Sons, Hockey Dad, Madensuyu and The War On Drugs. Disappointed by Kendrick Lamar, Maribou State and Kiasmos. Watched, but was not moved in any way by the likes of Fleddy Melculy, Yungblud, Novastar... Major improvements this year: the new Check-In, the lovely Lift and Marquee tents, the Beer Shack, the Underground after parties and the Record Store. Looking forward to next year!
  5. Why are you so sure? Mister Scott canceled last-minute two years ago as well. He’s a twat.
  6. Nah, I don’t think I will bother. :-) Travis Scott is to blame here, not the festival.
  7. Refund? Why? Nobody is going to miss Travis Scott.
  8. The Beer Shack seems a nice addition to the festival for us oldies 🙂
  9. Major improvement this year: the new Check-in. So much faster! Your wristband contains a QR code that you have to scan.
  10. It's going to rain on Thursday night as well (probably heavily). So I'd bring my walking boots that day.
  11. There are 2 “Kruidvat” stores in Hasselt, they have their own brand of factor 30 which is very cheap but still ok. And what’s more, they sometimes have small bottles of it as well.
  12. Ok, if I came across like that, I apologize. I’m not a native speaker, and I meant to speak in general terms. Of course I didn’t mean to say that any of you had to go to another festival. It is obvious to me that most people here love Pukkelpop as much as I do. I was just trying to say that the “big names” don’t matter much at Pukkelpop, and that-according to me-the festival has always had it’s focus on young people and the taste of the moment, whether it’s dubstep, mumble rap, d&b, punk, pop, metal, dance... From the first time I visited Pukkelpop, I fell in love with the festival and it’s always the highlight of my musical year. Maybe I’m trying to defend it too much if people are complaining about the line-up. Sorry about that. We are having a few days of rain now, and the temperatures have dropped rather drastically. It’s still looking great for later next week. Looking forward to next Wednesday! And see you at PKP Café on Friday.
  13. As an experienced Pukkelpop goer, I joined this forum to discuss the line-up and maybe meet some of the foreign visitors, but now it seems I’m being downvoted for almost everything I post here, lol. Pretty weird and awkward. I don’t really understand why. Hope everyone has a great festival though, no hard feelings. I’m off.
  14. I saw quite a few acts in the Lift last year, but they were all much louder than the sound that came out of the Boiler (not surprisingly, with acts like Ho99o9, Cocaine Piss, Black Lips or Moon Duo) so there was no problem then. Fingers crossed for Marlon Williams.
  15. I'd guess the temperatures will be a little bit lower than this, but the weather forecast seems great so far. Fingers crossed.
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