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  1. I think, fingers crossed I will get a guest ticket from one of the main bands playing Download. Does anyone know what this entitles you to, especially interested in the camping options available?
  2. I know it is significantly more costly. You can take a can take a van onto the RIP camping areas and stay in that.
  3. The campervan field. Appears to sellout in days. Yes looking forward to the ales. Sound like there is a good selection. I do get annoyed with the other festivals, in that the only real ales tend to be Otter. They seem to have a monopoly!
  4. Will be my first time at Bloodstock. I have a question about the tickets and what they look like. I bought a Serpents Layer ticket for a patch of Grass. What do I expect for the tickets. I see I have one ticket which says 'Serpent;s Lair VIP Camping' Is this all I need? I ask because I failed to get into Reading with my Camper Van this year. I had the Camper Van Ticket, but did not have a Ticket. Ticketmaster did not send me the ticket and I didn't notice until I had parked up and was trying to get into the festival. A very sad weekend!
  5. Never been before. I am going in the campervan, so it has to be Coldhams
  6. Interesting, the 3.4 percentage rise with 7000 extra attendees at Glastonbury festival put the present number going there at 204,000 Kind of inline with my estimate. 140,000 regular tickets 40,000 volunteers Then there are the hospitality tickets, performers, vendors and security.
  7. There are already too many stages at Reading and Leeds. Unless you are at the front, you always hear the other stages near by. Donnington is so much better than R&L. More space, less stages.
  8. Go on you own, then you can listen to the music you want and how you want. Often go to festivals on my own, nobody else I know wants to go. Then I am a sad old git who does not understand about getting old.
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