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  1. Of course, but there are a lot of names in that post. I reckon it will not be all of them on RW right? (Which I wouldn't have any problems with, by the way :))
  2. Sooo, any chance for Iron Maiden at Pinkpop? ?
  3. Soooo, Iron Maiden together with System of A Down? Count me in!
  4. Then I'm a happy man Lots of Graspop names as well, but hopefully some of them find their way to Werchter, or to some clubs in The Netherlands.
  5. Some bands I'd really like to see at Werchter, but I didn't hear of any plans for touring Europe next summer for most of them. So either you have a lot of inside info, or this is even less than just rumours.
  6. A reunion of Supergrass is coming up, and they'll probably play Glastonbury. Will we see them at Werchter as well?
  7. That's well said I'd say it's just bit more "aggressive" than the bands you mention, but for sure I wouldn't mind them on RW. I'm sure they can pull it off.
  8. Will Slipknot be a possibility for Rock Werchter? No show for Belgium announced and they played Graspop last year.. On the other hand... maybe they're a bit too much for Rock Werchter...?
  9. I think it will be less then 5 hours, but still it's a good idea to check how to get to Werchter. From Eindhoven Airport you can take a bus (there's a shuttle service if I'm not mistaken) to Eindhoven trainstation. From there it's about 2,5 hours to get to Leuven Trainstation where you can take the shuttle service to the Festival Campings.
  10. M&S would be fine for a sunny sundayafternoon, maybe... But as Headliner it's just weak. But hey, just put Tool in the Barn at the same time and I'll be fine
  11. I really hope Mumford & Sons wont be at Rock Werchter. Since their tour seems to end at the end of May I still have hopes they will not be touring for 5 more weeks after that.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know how it works with the lockertickets? We've made a reservation for a locker, but we didn't get a ticket for this.
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