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  1. On a separate and completely unrelated note to corona virus and line ups... Happy international Mini Disc day to fellow fibbers 😊
  2. I just got paid today and went to buy one they're gone! I went on festicket yesterday and they had over 25 available when I checked last night. Do you reckon they will release some more VIP at a later date?
  3. They've announced today that VIP for the weekend is nearly sold out. How true do you folks think this is likely to be? Could just be to try and drive sales?
  4. Yeah I didn't think so either but that post made me super excited. Saw them last week in London and they were on top form.
  5. Do you folks reckon it's being too hopeful reading into this??
  6. Yeah they are being released on Wednesday :-)... More details are on primavera sound website
  7. Thanks for that information. I think I will go VIP.... Which is the best way sell the 3 day ticket? I've heard of redticket but not sure if that's the best option.
  8. Thanks for that. I wasn't sure if they were going to be releasing day tickets so I ended up buy a 3 day one... Would love a VIP ticket for Friday but I'm not sure if it's worth it now. Have you ever tried the VIP option?
  9. The rumoured preliminary poster said two door were headliners for the Saturday.
  10. Yeah I don't expect any big more announcements. Theyve already announced enough to make it a great weekend away
  11. I think it's an amazing line up and the new additions are brilliant! It's interesting that they haven't said its the final poster, so I'm wondering if more bands are going to be announced...
  12. Two door cinema club, Tom walker along with other people I don't know have been added!
  13. Yeah we are going from Birmingham to Barcelona and then getting the shuttle or train to benicassim. Apparently they are going to run extra trains around the festival dates 🙂
  14. Do you peeps reckon that they will be releasing day tickets at some point?
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