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    Tent tax - good idea?

    I'm sure you're right. People are more likely to be bothered when tents are nice and dry rather than sodden and weighing a ton. Especially if they're trudging back miles to their cars through a quagmire.
  2. I think the key to enjoying Glasto is not to put too much pressure on yourself by building it up too much beforehand. We’ve all got stuff to deal with in the real world and it can really drag us down. I’ve been guilty in the past of looking forward so much to holidays and Glasto that when I’ve got there I’ve felt a bit flat or worse like I’ve got to start having a great time or it’ll be a horrendous waste and I won’t forgive myself when I’m back at work. You can end up ruining it for yourself. When everyone’s having what looks like a great time and you’re not it can make you feel isolated. 2016 was a bit rubbish for me. Since then I’ve tried to make sure I see the bands I want to see rather than get dragged along to others I’m not keen on. I’ve also tried to make sure I take time to chill out. The greenfields, crows nest bar and acoustic field are great when you need to get out of the crowds and get a grip. On the fitness side of things it makes a great difference it you can get into some sort of shape beforehand. I walk about 9 or 10 miles a day when I’m there and it can be tiring so having a comfy bed is dead important. If you burn the candle at both ends you’ll feel crap and as you get older you take more time to recover. At 46 my days of being up until dawn are beyond me unless I put a line through the next morning so I just had one big 5am night this year and was in bed for 1am the night after. I’m happy with just having a few pints nowadays along with the occasional smoke but that’s it. It’s a far cry from 20 odd years ago but I enjoy it just as much. My Dad started going when he was 64 and hasn’t missed one in the 12 years he’s been going. He knows his limits and I think that’s the key. You can enjoy it just as much in your 70s, you just need to manage your expectations and know your limits.
  3. Positive - your tent is already up so no need to stress about getting in early to bag a good spot. There is virtually no lugging of stuff needed compared with the main site. Carpark is really close to the camping. The 2 man scout tents are really roomy. We got all our stuff in no problem. It’s also much quieter than on site camping. Negatives – There weren’t enough toilets this year. I get up pretty early so I was ok but if you were up any later than 8am there were lengthy queues for the toilets. Not ideal. They also don’t mess about on Monday so if you had a late one you’ll find they’re closing everything from after 9am. It’s a proper pain trying to find a toilet then. There are showers but these do get busy in the mornings. It’s not worth bothering every day. The hill is steep but there’s no need to rush. Best to take your stuff with you so that you don’t need to come back during the day as it can take a while if you’re camping a long way back from the gate.
  4. Bags73


    Like others I thought The Cure sounded brilliant at the Pyramid. The best sound I've heard there in 13 years of Glastos. Also thought the Chems were quiet. I kept expecting it to be huge but it never did yet I was level with the back of the mixing desk so not in a bad place. It sounded better there for Johnny Marr.
  5. Keep it as a tent for all the reasons already stated. The field does need a few food traders if possible. Also if the bars turn their music down a bit that would help.
  6. I love how chilled out it is up there. The bar is excellent and there's always somewhere to sit unless Chas n Dave are on. My only quibble recently has been the lineup when there has been very little I've fancied seeing. In the past I've enjoyed everything from CnD to Love with Arthur Lee.
  7. Bags73

    Emotional moments

    The end of Bramble FM in Glebeland on Sunday afternoon got me. Their last show after starting in 2003. Poor Maureen in tears at the end with the MASH theme tune playing in the background. Definite lump in the throat.
  8. Bags73

    Post festival flu

    Got a terrible sore throat on Sunday night and this was followed up by me being full of phlegm and being weak as kitten. I've now got a terrible cough. Slept all afternoon today Not been into work.
  9. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Looks like we’re in for one of those rarest of things – a completely dry Glasto! Seen only two of those – 1995 and 2010. Now we have a third in 24 years.
  10. Bags73

    Alcohol Thread

    About 20 cans of ale and a box of red wine. Should last me the journey down...
  11. Bags73

    Vegan Traders

    Leon's in West Holts is superb. I recommend. The salads are ace and don't scrimp on the ingredients. The pies are also great as are the stews.
  12. Bags73

    Staying Cool

    Just keeping the cans under the edge of the tent works for me. Cool enough to drink even in 2010.
  13. Bags73

    Staying Cool

    Would attaching a load of foil blankets on the outside of the tent keep it cool or am I wasting my time?
  14. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    2010 was easily my favourite festival for the weather, closely followed by 2003 and 2017. 2015 is up there too.
  15. Curry is certainly better than the pasta but who cares when it's free. It's a God send when you've got no money. Good on em.
  16. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The ground is in way better shape than this time in 2016. We just want to avoid a monsoon on Sunday night. Do that and we're looking good.
  17. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    As forecasted by the Met Office. Should continue like this until 1pm at the latest.
  18. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Can’t see it being 2017 hot next Wednesday. Looking at the weather forecast now on the Met Office Hazard Manager the rainfall today seems to be on the cards between 10 and 12noon. The totals don’t look as bad as they did a few days ago. The next real hazard looks to be over night tonight into Wednesday morning with some bigger totals around, they’re tracking south but if they hit we’re looking at up to 16mm. The ground looks like it can take it though. After that the period on Sunday afternoon, evening and overnight looks a bit hairy. Some big totals again south of the site of up to 32mm. Pic 1 - Overnight into Wednesday Pic 2 Sunday evening.
  19. My mate who’s part of the crew on Silver Hayes tells me the ground was pretty firm and dry last night.
  20. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Having looked at the Met Office Hazard Manager site it looks like if the site can escape the worst on Tuesday/Wednesday we’re going to be ok. The Yellow Warning for rain doesn’t cover the site anyway. Looking at the predicted rain rates there’s a fair bit going to fall but nothing stupid. After that there are a few showers around but that’s it until Sunday. Tuesday/Wednesday is the key if we’re to avoid it cutting up too much as all the traders arrive. We may yet be ok.
  21. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Wow! That certainly puts things into perspective.
  22. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I’d say that if there are no long spells of torrential rain between now and the start it’ll be more like 2008 or 2009. Some dry spells, some rain. Some mud but not energy sapping like 2015 or everywhere like 2007. On the scale I’d say it’s looking like 5-6. If it’s like 2015 I’d be well happy.
  23. I’ve got a pair of Dunlop wellies that fit like a glove. I’ll be sticking with them. The only drawback is when it’s hot but still wet. Feet get very sweaty and overheated at times.
  24. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Met Office forecast as of this morning: Forecast for Mon 17 Jun 2019 to Fri 21 Jun 2019 General Situation: Changeable conditions are expected to dominate through much of this period, with spells of rain and showers, keeping temperatures on the cool side or close to seasonal average. Southeastern regions should see the best of any dry weather and will become warm for a time, but trigger criteria is not expected to be reached. Forecast for Sat 22 Jun 2019 to Mon 01 Jul 2019 General Situation: A ridge of high pressure will bring a good deal of fine and dry weather on Saturday, before showery rain arrives from the west on Sunday. Unsettled conditions will follow, with showers and further spells of rain, keeping temperatures rather cool. There are signs that high pressure may become more dominant by late- June though, increasing the chance of settled and warm weather, however trigger criteria still unlikely to be reached.
  25. Bags73

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'd pretty much agree with all that. 2007 was the worst. 2016 was the next worst, just because the stickiness of the mud made it a real drag to get around. 2005 was just funny, unless you were at the bottom of Pennards. All had amazing highlights. Iggy in 2007 being one of my all time moments as was Underworld in 2016. My wife was there in 97 and 98 and left on the Sunday morning of one because the tent flooded and she had trench foot by then. That's enough to put anyone on a downer.
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