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  1. Bags73

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Yeah, my wife passed out. Wasn't fun at all. We were only waiting for the Smyths to come on too!
  2. I quit in 2005. 2006 was a fallow year so I didn't have a problem until 2007. By then I was able to take or leave it. If you can be confident you won't carry on smoking when you get home then fine - smoke to your heart's content. If you don't trust yourself then I'd wear nicotine patches. They really worked for me away from Glasto and took the edge off the craving until I was completely clean. People can't/don't smoke so much in the tents nowadays so you won't see so many cues to make you fancy one in those so spend some time at Acoustic, Avalon, Glade, Dance Village etc. For me I never really fancy one until I see someone enjoying one and that's when it's harder to resist. Good luck.
  3. Hitchen Hill or Lime Kiln always stay dry and don't seem to fill up that quickly. They're also less noisy than Penards. It's a bit of a walk to get there but you're very near John Peel and Pyramid.
  4. Bags73

    Going off site

    If you're genuinely skint I recommend the Hare Krishna tent that does free meals. I've not used it for a few years but when I have it's been alright. My wife ate all her meals there in 95 when she had no money. It's not amazing quality but it's free so no complaints from me.
  5. Bags73


    I absolutely loved their first two albums but the subsequent ones haven’t really moved me as much even if they do contain some decent songs. If they’re playing I’ll go see them. In 2016 they were very good indeed on the Pyramid but I was extremely well oiled at the time and this may have affected my judgement.
  6. Bags73

    Best Bogs

    The worst toilets from a male perspective are those urinals that have a gap at the bottom by the trough. I always seem to be opposite some doylum who pees directly into the trough causing "splash-across".
  7. Bags73

    Jeremy Corbyn

    I think the far right is getting coverage way beyond the level of support it actually has. Social media is largely to blame. As for the hard right Brexiters they're just a small rump in Parliament. It took them ages to raise 49 votes to trigger a leadership contest vs May. The media love them as they give great copy and say emotive things. Again they get more coverage than they deserve.
  8. Bags73

    Best Bogs

    Depends on the queue and how desperate I am but given the choice of composters and no roof long drops as the two best options I'd go composters. There's less smell. Portaloos easily the worst option.
  9. Bags73

    Thom Yorke 2019

    If I remember correctly Thom did a secret gig at the Park once, think it was 2010.
  10. Bags73

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Make sure you spend some time walking up and down between the Cabaret tent and the Acoustic Tent. That whole stretch is great for randomness that you simply don’t get at other festivals.
  11. Bags73

    The best trolley

    Get one of those old lady tartan shopping trollies you used to see in the 1970s. The ones with the tiny wheels. Can't see any problems with that oh no.
  12. Love those two acts, particularly Bramble FM. Spoke to Les in 2017 who was cutting up bits of cardboard for Brentford Robotics who were turning people into robots in the same part of the site. Think Maureen had to work that year. Hope they're back in 2019.
  13. I'll recommend them to her. I'll be sticking with my Dunlop wellies. They're a perfect fit so don't come off in the stickiest mud but I can still take them off without bother at the end of the day. I'm still hoping for a sandals weekend like in 2010. That was the best.
  14. I've considered them but undoing the laces when they're clagged up is a bit grim and in sustained wet they do get damp. My wife got the beginnings of trench foot in 97 or 98.
  15. Stick with what you know. JP tent was in a slightly different place back then, sort of toward gate A. They moved it after that year. Pennards had a load of extra drainage put in too after 2005. Despite all that an 8 hour thunderstorm will test everywhere even with the new drainage. I was in Spring Ground which was ok, that's the disabled camping area now. Hitchen Hill above it has always remained dry. I always think camping near the Other Stage looks a bit soggy when it rains.
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