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  1. CK15243

    The National

    I dont recall them finishing later then 11, I would think you would be fine getting the 11.30 from deansgate as its only a 10 minute walk away
  2. 30 paid 0 back in the pot
  3. Its in Trafford so there is a few pubs but i would imagine they will be full of utd fans as theyre playing away on saturday, would advice having your scran and drinks in town and then getting the tram or taxi over for whenever youre ready to go in
  4. CK15243


    People kept shouting Glasto at him, he responded with something like "Why are all of you shouting Glastonbury? This is Manchester"
  5. CK15243


    Managed to get Gorilla!
  6. CK15243

    Hot Chip

    managed to get some for manchester! got through dead on 9
  7. CK15243


    ah! just assumed they were going on sale this friday, nice one!
  8. CK15243


    just did that and it said the emails will be send through before 6pm on monday... guessing ive missed the boat on this one, cheers though
  9. CK15243


    is there a presale for the tour? the wording on the wesite is confusing
  10. CK15243

    The National

    ive read its about 8000 - you would think it would sell out quite quick on friday with it being thier only announced date
  11. CK15243

    The National

    nor for me - tried both see and g&t
  12. is there an announcement expected this week for this?
  13. looked up my ticket for liverpool, managed to grab the very very very back row haha - nobody can be annoyed at me standing up!
  14. Did anyone get a presale email for the elton john tour? would have thought i would hear something soon if its on tomorrow
  15. CK15243

    2019 Headliners

    event not found for me now...
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