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  1. Hiya! We come by coach every year and have always camped in Bushy Ground and will do same again this year. Always found quiet enough to get sleep and always nice neighbours. About a 10/15 minute walk in from Gate A which is enough for us, only downside is the distance walking back every night but would rather that than the killer walk back with all your gear on the Monday morning!
  2. I was looking for some too but just got tickets yesterday for Great Plains on their website, billed as sister campsite with similar facilities if that's any good for you?? Not been to KC before - is that right about being similar?
  3. ll82

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    Showhawk Duo replied on their IG saying hopefully be back at Glastonbury this year. Good memories of that hot Thursday afternoon at Williams Green in 2017, pleased we hung around after The Smyths 🙂
  4. We're first timers (filling the glastonbury void) do certain camping areas have reputations or is it just pot luck?? We're a young(ish) couple but not looking for anything too rowdy and don't mind the walk if that means a slightly quieter area - what would regulars recommend? Many thanks!
  5. What is classed as the arena? Is it only the actual campsite where you can use your own drink or are some of the areas outside of the arena? Thanks!
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