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  1. Just wasn’t for me ... or any of our group , which is diverse in tastes , and he was recommended by an author that I respect and love so I guess it just goes to show how great it is that we all have different tastes
  2. I know it’s not nice to get things stolen but was it that depressing you had to go ? I wonder if we were the tedious people in Honeybells? I often wonder if I’m quite tedious . Things I liked fat whites , flatworms , thee oh sees , protomartyr, idles , mulutku asatke, white denim . That French gang , white denim , Ezra , tom cox good food selection , showers and looks decent , I tended to go early some of the beers were daft prices but found some decent pints don’t think I’ve heard anything worse than Richard Dawson or yo la tengo . there was some horri
  3. Yes , I feel like not packing my boots that I hope I wouldn’t need I’m not taking an insurance policy
  4. Hi can anyone recall if wellies are for sale should the weather turn ? I’ve a long trip and ideally need to be as light as possible
  5. The near by park run is out of the question as I’m coming from afar in the train but a local village jog could be v tempting . I’m staying in a tee pee so showers not a problem
  6. Any keen park runners fancying a quick 5k livener on the sat morning if at all possible ? Maybe just around the car park ?? A livener !!
  7. Good info cheers , am I right in thinking they should be half hourly ? We are booked on a specific one on the way in but it’s just open for returning ? I was hoping to show up about 10am
  8. How much would a cab from sailsbury train to the site be ?
  9. Got a train from Euston at about 1pm on the Monday , is it easy enough getting there ? I see the train to Waterloo is half hourly . Do they get very busy ? Same with the green bus shuttle will you struggle for a space ? If you book in advance is a certain one guaranteed ?
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