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  1. Lemonheads perhaps? Back with a new album soon
  2. The Raconteurs are back with a new album in 2019. That'd be a nice addition to the bill
  3. First time to Citadel and a festival at Gunnersbury Park. Was really impressed with everything about the day. Would definitely go again next year as long as there are at least a couple of bands I like. Tame Impala were awesome. 3rd time I’ve seen them and probably best so far. Enjoyed Old Dirty Brasstards just before them on the Corona Stage. Was not too fussed about seeing all the big names as this festival offered so much more. The table tennis, volleyball croquet dotted around was a nice touch. No queues for bars or toilets too which is a bonus. Getting out was the only downside, but lucky enough I live close enough to walk home in under an hour!
  4. Think that's for Belgium. Wish it was UK! Got my tickets! Kept telling myself i'd wait for line-up, but enjoyed it so much again this year that i couldn't resist!
  5. trying to get tickets by payment keeps failing. Anyone else have troubles with VISA?
  6. Was my 7th Primavera and loved it as much as ever. Been reading this board for months now, but finally signing up! Found bar queues pretty good overall. Only a long wait if you go to a bar next to where someone is playing. A lot quicker just going on a small detour as there are plenty of bars around. Worse for me was by Ray Ban during Grizzly Bear. I didn’t plan well enough so just skipped a drink watching them. As for transport, never had a problem staying in the centre and getting to and from the festival. I just got the purple line to La Pau and headed on the orange line from there. Can get a seat all the way to forum. On the way back, I just got the shuttle bus to Placa de Catalunya. Always got straight on and doesn’t take long. i kind of wish the bands would shift to being a couple hours earlier so the headliners start during sunset. Find the atmosphere even better when the sun is shining, plus it’s easier to navigate crowds in daylight and it’s not so claustrophobic.
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