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  1. I do find it slightly worrying that it has not sold out yet... If my memory serves me correct, boomtown has sold out every year by now
  2. BBC radio involvement. Yet another step towards commercialisation. On another note it does seem Boom is doing its utmost to become Glasto 2.0 with gorillaz bookings, Wednesday entries and so on.
  3. Have a horribly early coach back from Glasto at 4am which I am not excited about. if I decided to skip that coach, will it be likely that another one later in the day will take me?
  4. All paid and ready to go! Also opted for the 10 pound water bottle, that will come in handy and doing my bit for the environment (plastic is a nuisance)
  5. The hype for Boomtown seems to be starting to die somewhat. So many people not returning this year. ticket sales seem slower then before also, if you check the website there are still a lot of tickets left, not just coach and general tickets but also for skylark, tangerine, springs etc etc... I assume these would count as a loss if Boomtown does not sell them. in all my years of attending, it does seem that things are a lot slower this year, what seems more bizarre is that this is probably their strongest line up for a very long time. Glasto is back so perhaps that’s the reason but... I don’t know, is the end of boom on its way or am I just jumping to conclusions?
  6. Anybody able to find the licence premises application boomtown have made to Winchester for this year? I can find them every year but can’t seem to find 2019’s application... They must have applied for a licence by now surely?
  7. Hate hate hate rain at any festival
  8. I have been going to boomtown for years and every year without fail my legs and back are ready to give up by Sunday
  9. Let’s get a group together and all meet up then?
  10. Nice! Skanked to that tune before.
  11. If you guys are still waiting for coach times for wed entry then call national express and quote the confirmation number from the national express confirmation you received when you booked your original Thursday ticket... number starts with ET. you can then choose your time to be picked up. I have just done it they also sent me a confirmation email whilst on the phone
  12. I hope your right Sir! Either way I am pretty sure that all will be forgiven the moment those gates open and the madness begins... I for one am very much looking forward to it
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