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  1. Just for them. But there might be people getting those presale tickets and putting them on ticketswap, since they can't go themselves.
  2. Don't think they've announced the date yet. Presale is in January. In previous years the general sale started early February.
  3. Lowlands is great, but might be very difficult to get tickets. They sell like crazy in regular years. Next year they will give out pre sale code to those who had tickets for 2021, so will be even more difficult to get them in the regular sale.
  4. ditto...much smoother than expected after that mail mess. Good to see they have recovered.
  5. I believe 2 weekenders get priority access. Don't know if VIP get guaranteed or priority access. Will still be difficult to get in though, even with priority access.
  6. Just got dice mail. If you want to upgrade you need to send an e-mail. Very brilliantly says there may be costs involved, but not what those costs are.
  7. it says so here: https://www.primaverasound.com/en/news/alegria-cartel-primavera-sound-2022-barcelona-sant-adria
  8. Hope not...if they abandoned the idea of a September Primavera because the artists would not fit the Primavera 'vibe' why start with Bieber now. August festivals sold out in minutes. If these tickets go on sale don't think they need more commercial names to sell them.
  9. https://www.rockwerchter.be/nl/blog/werchter-parklife
  10. Press conference at the moment. 30 July: 3.000 indoors and 5.000 outdoors 13 august: bigger festivals >5.000 (can't find any max numbers). Visitors need proof they are 'covid safe', e.g. vaccinated or have a negative test. Still deciding on registration system; might be the 'green certificate'. Probably only EER and UK, but they are still deciding on the list. Number of infections in those countries need to be under control. All depending on covid developments.
  11. Committee wil meet on Tuesday to talk about the details and conditions, which might be only Europeans (EER +UK, access with the 'green certificate'/daily rapid tests for those who are not fully vaccinated yet. Pre-sale tickets only.
  12. https://www.hln.be/binnenland/premier-de-croo-grote-festivals-in-tweede-helft-van-de-zomer-moeten-mogelijk-zijn~a119b62e/ Good news for Rock Wechter? They’ll deliberate on Tuesday.
  13. Thanks! Booked it as well. Is it ok on airco and noise?
  14. @Ken19Any idea when they'll announce? Will it be before the DTRH tickets go on sale?
  15. No official confirmation yet, but Lowlands said they want to have the festival at their usual dates. International line up, but no big American headliners. Depends on the details of the government risk fund.
  16. Primavera just got moved to 2022 so I'm losing hope.
  17. Glasto is out for 2021....so if there's a RW in 2021 it won't be able to share artists.
  18. It's actually summer now in South Africa, where they are experiencing the second wave and a modified version of the virus. We can keep speculating, but until everyone is vaccinated (not just the western world) there is a change the virus might still spread and variations might develop that won't be covered by these vaccins. So you might need to modify and re-administer the vaccins. Moreover I see too many stories about people who did not end up in hospital but still feel tired as hell. I want to be optimistic, but just don't see the big ones happening for me this summer.
  19. Decided to take the plunge and keep the tickets instead of going for credit. Gotta support live music while you can. Headliners too much of a nineties vibe for my liking, but in other years the midcard/undercard have been great. So trust RW will come up with a 2021 line-up that has something for everyone. Just really hope they're not ditching The Strokes. Not exactly new as well I know, but catering to a different audience.
  20. Just bring your other half... a honeymoon in Barcelona with great music... how could they say no?
  21. I still see availability from 6-13 september?
  22. Does that mean the deadline to ask for credit will also move to the end of January? Would be nice to be able to make that decision based on new names now that the Strokes seem to be off the table.
  23. You can ask for credit up till 31-12. I'll hope they'll share more names before the end of the year. So we'll know if we want to skip 2021 and go for 2022 or that 2021 is worth it. But I can understand they don't want to announce right now. Europe is a bit busy with the high rate of infections so new names might not be top news right now. And with this uncertainty why would they announce now and then maybe have to disappoint people later in cases bands might face travel restrictions. Then you'll have to deal with the 'but I bought tickets especially for.... people twice. I'd wait until December or when there's more certainty about vaccines, rapid tests, government policies on major festivals. Especially with the non headliner names. Just glad I'm not a festival director right now and just can sit back and wait.
  24. So the district nurse andmidwife should quarantine then with all the pregnant ladies and vulnerable people. Because that midwife might have a sons who lives at home and that plays football on weekends. And how will those nurses that work in hospitals take the train to the hospital? Oh ...they'll have to live in the hospital as well? Bit naive to think there are just two groups of people that are never in (indirect) contact. What's next ...you won't allow people in wheelchairs to attend Werchter, so you can enjoy it?
  25. Depends...if you're gonna be at the festival most of the time and want a short commute El Poblenou will do the trick. And I believe lot's of people stay in the Barri Gotic area. Taxis will be a nightmare so check out if your accommodation is near night buses/trams or near the Primavera shuttle bus stop if you're not staying near the site.
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