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  1. Nah, pretty sure they will drop the line-up in December or January, just like every year before the pandemic
  2. Gabi mentioned them once in a radio interview in 2019 as possible headliners + they're headlining Primavera LA
  3. Sky Ferreira now also clashes with Rolling Blackouts CF, this is an awful change, really don't get why it was necessary, the schedule was just perfect before...
  4. Not my experience at all, I've seen fewer drunk and annoying Brits compared to the first weekend, today actually feels a lot more chill and less crowded than any day last week, I managed to get easily to the front for everything I wanted to see and there's a lot more space to move around (I didn't go to Mordor though so that probably explains it... Also who cares for Mordor when you have Mdou Moctar smashing it on the Plenitude stage?!)
  5. Yep, this is what I did yesterday when I went to see Weyes Blood and Warpaint, both were absolutely managable (my only complaint was a drunk British guy who vomited next to me during Weyes Blood...lol)
  6. I don't care for the Strokes but this is an absolutely horrible change, Caribou at the Cupra stage would have been perfect, now they just created another clash for me and I won't be seeing Caribou either... I get that it's difficult to organise the timetable but Friday was the day with the most acts that I wanted to see and they messed up the schedule so much that now I won't be able see half of them..
  7. Lol I must have been the only stupid person with a W1+W2 ticket who didn't know about the separate queue and waited an hour to get in... But oh well, it was still worth it, I thought Rina Sawayama was awesome and the crowd was really into it, great way to start the festival! Did anyone manage to get into Sala Upload? The app showed that it was already full around the time Teto Preto started playing so I didn't even try...
  8. Just landed in Barcelona, now starting to believe this is actually happening! Seeing Dead Can Dance at the Auditori today, really excited to be back at Parc del Fòrum!
  9. Damn this pretty much sucks, Slowdive is still clashing with Big Thief and they just created a clash between Charli and Mdou Moctar, basically the 4 artists I wanted to see the most that day, I don't know what to do...
  10. Idk but this announcement is just fishy, they have added plenty of small names to the line-up in the past few weeks but they didn't make posts like this about them on social media... The also wrote that he is 'an icon of urban music', I would hardly call a completely unknown artist an 'icon'
  11. Are there really no DJ sets in the afternoon this time or am I missing something?
  12. That Nick Cave -> Idles -> Beach House run on W1 Saturday is going to be awesome
  13. Well they could always build an extra stage like they did with Arcade Fire in 2017...
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