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  1. Really sorry been super busy with work (and the other festival I do one of these for deciding to announce while this was open) ... Results will be up as soon as...
  2. Not playing Download. One show in mexico or somewhere next year. Maybe 2021.
  3. Speaking of Shikari. Not letting bands play a stage too small for them because they want to play it needs to be a policy this year. I've rarely felt as crammed in as I did in that Shikari set. Should have definitely been on 2nd stage.
  4. Smashing Pumpkins had a lot of people leave their set for sure but you had Enter Shikari and Dream Theater both start in the middle of them, one the mass exodus was definitely for Shikari as I was in it.
  5. Only because their doesn't seem to be any.... 😀
  6. He was the frontman, he'll be auspicious by his absence.
  7. It remains to be seen whether they still stand up to headline status given all the change after Kieth Flint's death though. I'm trying to think of a nice way to put this, but if the album that he brings out is awful, it'll end the band before they get a chance to headline Download again. Might be too risky.
  8. If that's true it literally leaves you with Avenged Sevenfold of the repeat headliners for next year. The loss of Linkin Park and The Prodigy has really hit the festival I guess.
  9. All of those bands have been rumoured around Download and never played for donkeys years. It's about time we just accept they aren't doing it for our own sanity. My post was deliberately focused on existing headliners who could come back next year, anyway. And it seriously looks like just A7X and Rammstein, so you need a new headliner for the first time since 2014 which might be a good thing for the festival.
  10. Just number crunched all headliners from 2003- Present taking out defunct bands, functionally defunct bands, bands who've done a farewell gig at Download and bands now too small to headline. Avenged Sevenfold, Rammstein and a new headliner look like candidates for next year. Could be several bump ups/new headliners if either of the above aren't available. If you'r generous there's 7 eligible existing headliners to headline next year. If you boil it down you get Avenged Sevenfold and Rammstein. So surely they have to bring in a new headliner or bump someone up? In this I mean bands who haven't played their last ever Download gig (I mean Aerosmith might take a second bite at that particular tree, but you'd hope they'd be told to **** off). Headliner Pool (2003 - Present) Avenged Sevenfold AC/DC (if they actually exist) Biffy Clyro (would they really risk booking them) Guns n Roses (if they're even touring next year, studio rumour isn't there?) Metallica (if they even want do Download anymore??) Muse (would they really risk booking them?) Rammstein,
  11. Because he has a boss who tells him how much money he can spend on headliners....
  12. None of that will be firmed up for months yet.
  13. Half of the not classic rock or metal bands on the line up headline the Avalanche stage - specifically set aside for them (hardcore and punk type of bands.) The undercard for this year so far is pretty good. And the headliners are solid too.
  14. madmaninabox

    2020 headliners

    Off Downloads website. And Maiden's. It's Belsonic anyway. Rule them out.
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