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  1. FRIDAY Rage Against the Machine / Public Enemy / Enter Shikari / Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes / Dance Gavin Dance / Creeper / SATURDAY Metallica / Ghost / Gojira / Parkway Drive / Rise Against / Cancer Bats / Of Mice and Men / Subhumans SUNDAY Iron Maiden / Five Finger Death Punch / Architects / A Day to Remember / Skindred / Less Than Jake / Reel Big Fish / The Hives
  2. Surely day ticket and weekend tickets are separate wristbands at a fest of RL size (not been to R+L). Although there's a high chance of it not being properly checked or being able to talk your way through in a post headliner rush.
  3. FFDP / MCR / RATM Architects / Ghost / Parkway Drive Stone Sour / Fever 333 / Skindred Enter Shikari / Judas Priest / Sabaton
  4. Although I guarantee you Download will find a far better undercard than Reading for them.... I'll wait for them to play Download rather than give money to any fest that has Courteeneers subbing RATM
  5. Not a chance it was louder than Guns N Roses / Slipknot / Queen singalongs.... That said TRNSMT crowds (and T in Park crowds before that) are some of the loudest you'll find anywhere whoever s on stage.... something to do with Scottish people and booze....
  6. Looking at that line up, anyway going this year might want to familiarise themselves with this.
  7. Yes DL forums are still going..... Unsurprisingly cumming themselves and cutting themselves at the same time with this announcement....
  8. It's not what's playing (not convinced individual stores have a great deal of control) it's almost inevitably being serve by a late 20s bearded skinny gamer with a slipknot/rammstein/maiden whoever shirt on who can tell you tour 50p CD is not the bands best album.... Full Disclaimer: I applied for a job at cex. They weren't impressed by my insistence CDs where the future. Jokes on them as the last vinyl.plsnt outside of Japan just went up in flames
  9. I honestly can't remember when.i first saw it but it was s few years ago.. All over twitter again from.the 'dark fruits' lot...
  10. When do day tickets normally go.on sale? Also something like Limp Bizkit - Run the Jewels - Public Enemy - RATM Would be amazing.
  11. So it appears the entire indie and rock fraternity can now be divided into 'cex workers' and 'dark fruits twitter' 😄
  12. Not a chance in hell DL passed up RATM for SOAD, probably just never in the running with festival being so much earlier. Guess they'll show up next year or year after.
  13. If RATM is gay rock music, the gays have good taste.....
  14. Jesus, dark fruits twitter aren't liking this.......
  15. That or What Took You So Long?
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