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  1. Did: - visit Stone Circle for the first time - Stone Dragon - proper walk around SEC when it wasn't too busy - tried some doors in SL but all locked - tried to follow a woman through a door but she slammed in our faces and said 'passes only' - see someone on the Park Stage for the first time - walk up to the sign - visit the Woods for the first time Didn't: - Strummerville - Lost Horizons (would've on Saturday just to be naked and try cool off but really wanted the full sauna/shower experience but this was after they shut off the showers ) - Glastonbury-on-Sea - walked past on Thurs but was closed and didn't have time the rest of the fest - see a sunrise - watch the fireworks from the hill on Weds (watched from the hill on the farm side of the site instead) - go to Co-op - go to secret bit of Rabbit hole - went into the bar but somehow thought they had removed the 'secret' bit so didn't bother poking around!
  2. EMorgz92

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    My notes from what worked this year.. - the hack to soak a bandana and tie around your neck/forehead and I also shared the tip with 2 of my mates who loved it ... literally felt like it was saving my life at some points 😂 - needed to bring a clean pair of socks to go home in as I had to wear my Sunday socks again and my poor car mates suffered 😂 - another vote for rehydration salts - I used the own brand sachets from Home Bargains and definitely noticed they made me feel fresher/less withered from the heat - also utilised my hip flask, first with port for the Tuesday night queue and then filled with a 20% rum liqueur to drink at the headliners - less weight to alcohol percentage ratio and drinkable neat - might try the cherry bakewell mix next time recommended by @Curlygirl (also bring a funnel for refills)
  3. Saw two girls before the Cure. Both wearing long floor length dress/cape things. One got what looked like a Mac and cheese cup/bowl and the other held her cape around her. The first girl proceeded to piss in the bowl, stop, empty it out on the ground, and re fill it. Some people were giving them dirty looks and making comments, but they just laughed and waved 😭 literally broad daylight in the middle of a crowd as well. Some people have no shame..
  4. Idles - Mother his little pre speech set me off. Becoming a step mum this year really hit me hard! During Kylie when I looked up and read the proposal message on the plane. During the Killers watching a happily pilled up young couple bonding next to me - clearly in that early 'not quite a couple but want to be' stage Tame Impala - Less I Know the Better is a massive tune for my group of friends and I almost shed some joy tears for the love of my pals ❤
  5. We actually went to the JP tent to get some shade at 11 knowing we would be there at 2 for Gerry Cinnamon, saw two other bands and even at 1pm the hordes started arriving, the heat was rising and there were tons of shirtless sweaty lads pushing in. We actually decided just to leave in the end because the heat was obscene and it was only getting worse due to the crowds. Agree with the Park being difficult for Foals - know it was a "secret " set but we couldn't hear a thing and it was really disappointing.
  6. Zoe Ball by Leftfield on Friday Charlie Brooker coming in the gates with his family on Sunday morning Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) with a lad in the Park on Saturday evening, near the Lebanese mezze (extreme excitement) Will Merrick (Alo off Skins) in the Avalon pub on Thursday night
  7. Quite disappointed that it was basically just an advert. I really don't understand why he couldn't have done a speech and encouraged people to take tents home etc.
  8. Dosa deli by the other stage. Best dosa I've ever had!
  9. EMorgz92

    Best flags

    I enjoyed the one with "send nudes " plus a mobile number. Would be interested to know their success rate 😂
  10. 1. Tame Impala 2. The Killers 3. The Vaccines
  11. EMorgz92

    Dust-induced cough

    Myself and several others in my group have a horrible dry cough! Does anyone else and does anyone think this is dust-related?!
  12. In 2017 I actually somehow did not bring my coach ticket. I believe I went a funny shade of grey when I realised I had somehow brought a hotel booking confirmation instead... however the driver just needed the lead bookers ticket and confirmed the rest of us who were with him. Never been so afraid in my life 😂
  13. Urghhhhhh just constantly feeling on edge/running through the internal list of final to-do/to-pack items..... Making partner (who is not attending) take me and the dog out for a walk after tea tonight to keep me occupied and run off some of this nervous energy... I'm not being picked up until 10pm and am planning to re-pot my tomato plants as well to use up some time 😂 the stress is real!
  14. Loaded the vast majority of my stuff into my mates' car! Just have to decide on my travel outfit and grab my day bag. This time tomorrow I will be cacking it unable to concentrate on anything until 10pm hits and the journey begins!!!!
  15. EMorgz92

    Alcohol Thread

    10 cans of cider, about 10 pre-mix cocktail cans, 1 ltr spiced rum, 1/2 ltr 20% coconut & vanilla 'liqueur' (rum-based) and a hip flask of port
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