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  1. After the first drop today and inevitable social media slagging off, seen a few people reiterate how little the music matters to the event itself. Out of interest, how many artists do you usually see at the festival (musical only)? 2014: 10 (first time, overwhelming) 2016: 8 (horrendous mud and rain) 2017: 15 (perfect weather - saw about 50% on the Sunday alone!) Really shows how little the music impacts my personal festival experience!!
  2. Just adding it up and over the three times I've been I've seen between 8 and 15 artists each time 😂 shows how much it really doesn't make a difference to me at all. But hoping it puts enough of the first timers/bucket listers off that my chances in the resale are increased 😁
  3. EMorgz92

    Miley Cyrus

    Listen Kate, the whole fam will be there to support ok? #wishfulthinking
  4. EMorgz92

    Miley Cyrus

    I'm just excited about potentially bumping into Thor
  5. EMorgz92

    Resale Club 2019

    I've just emailed about the litter picking! Personally for me I'm not that bothered about staying up until 5, 6am anyway so will be happy to have the afternoons and evenings for action! Plus imagine all the fun stuff you'd get to see bimbling around site pre-9am and sober (ish) ..... would be great! Still trying in the resale though (obvs)
  6. EMorgz92

    Resale Club 2019

    thanks durbs, I am torn whether to nag him/try and get him one anyway or just accept it and go without him............................... (obviously the option of choosing not to go doesn't exist :D)
  7. EMorgz92

    Resale Club 2019

    My boyfriend has now decided that he 'isn't that bothered' about going... and doesn't want me to try for him in the resale. But I really, really want to share the experience with him as he has never been before! What can I do to convince him
  8. I saw a girl at Neighbourhood Weekender this year with an array of wristbands (mostly Glastonbury) sewn in a circle around a patch cut out of one of the Glasto tote bags onto the back of a denim jacket... looked so good. Mine are all in boxes ready to be scrapbooked at some uncertain point in the future! I'm also keeping all my old band/festival t shirts and will (at some point) get them made into a patchwork quilt!!
  9. EMorgz92

    Infusions 2019

    An absolute banger is a 'crazy vimto'... one step up from 'cheeky vimto'.. Basically mix port, blue WKD, and vodka and then replace the usual lemonade with vodka (although less than you would add lemonade obviously). Had one half-pint of this the night before I went on holiday this year and was absolutely dead at the airport the morning after. I suspect it was my boyfriend's attempt to sabotage me for going away for 2 weeks...
  10. EMorgz92


    Last year my best meal was a falafel wrap from a stall right by the Greenpeace field... some kind of Indian street food??? Also always make the trip to the Park to find Strumpets for Crumpets (raspberry jam with a mountain of butter.. yes). And the samosa stall (Other stage) has been a meeting point with friends in the past so usually get a few of those, the lamb ones! ❤️
  11. Getting so nervous and we aren't even trying for coach tickets tonight. This will be my first time not trying for coach tickets so I'm bricking it so much losing out on that extra chance. Just sent out the message to the team asking them to check in at 8.45 on Sunday... we also have a couple of people trying while they are on holidays abroad so will be interesting to see if that makes any difference (somehow I sincerely doubt it). Bleugarghhhhhh. 😷
  12. From Peterborough, I've managed to get on the 8.30 coach which was a triumph. From Manchester, it's been around 10.30 both times although in 2016 it was about an hour late! Don't think they release full timetables at any point.
  13. Any news on tests for this? Interested to know as I got tickets for two events through Seetickets this morning (Blossoms & WHP) so presume it was a fairly high traffic day!
  14. Blossoms tour announced for December... does anyone know max # tickets you can get at once? Are we thinking the usual 6 or the tighter 4? Tickets will go on sale at 9am on Friday July 27, with artist and O2 pre-sales beginning at 9am on Wednesday July 25. December 3 - Glasgow O2 Academy December 4 - Sheffield O2 Academy December 5 - Nottingham Rock City December 7 - Birmingham O2 Academy December 8 - Manchester Victoria Warehouse December 9 - Manchester Victoria Warehouse December 11 - Southampton O2 Guildhall December 12 - Bristol O2 Academy December 13 - London O2 Brixton Academy
  15. Debating going to Truck for the first time this year to try to fill a Glastonbury-sized hole in my summer... what is the vibe like? Would people recommend it? How does it compare to others you've been to? Any info appreciated!!
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