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  1. Can anyone highlight any psychedelic style bands I might not have heard of on this lineup? Working on my playlist, particularly liked the Orielles sound, the rest of my playlist is mostly classic guitar indie!
  2. Terrible nights sleep last night after packing. Kept running over my list and what was still to be done, still to be packed etc! I'm sure tonight will be worse as I'm up early for the journey down on Monday!
  3. Sorted and packed pretty much everything, got all my cider in the fridge and freezer along with juice cartons. Will be travelling down early Monday morning as I'm with Oxfam 😍😍😍
  4. I'm there for a week with Oxfam so hoping not to drink too much. I usually get a few cold from the bar and will buy some cans of coke for with the rum. I'm taking 10 cans Thatchers Haze, 4 of Thatchers rose, 4 aldi fruity cider small cans, 8 cans of pre mixed cocktails (mixture), 1L rum and 500ml apple brandy mixed with bourbon. Actually... that sounds like a lot 🤣
  5. In my 2 man, there are zip openings in both sides and the back of the tent, the side openings have flaps that you can hook onto guyropes which prevent the rain coming in. Also the inner door has a flysheet section at the top so bugs won't come in that way but it's mesh so lets air through. I've not had any issues with bugs personally, but tend to close the inner door as it comes to evening time. Zip openings remain open until bedtime!
  6. Tried on some clothes but outfits as yet unconfirmed. Checked that my cider all fits into the cool bag - it does, but not much room for the ice packs, so hoping that Thatchers haze will freeze ok - I've heard advice that it does.
  7. Ultimate Power is on at Williams Green, that would be a great way to end the festival. They do power ballads, 80s anthems, like Bon Jovi, Journey, Whitesnake, Foreigner, that's on 11-2.30am.
  8. EMorgz92


    Salty crisps are essential for hangover breakfasts. Maoams, snickers bars and jelly tots for a sugar boost. Cereal bars.
  9. Bought the last item on the list (cause it would get drunk), cider!! Collected my emergency Wellies from Decathlon, which will obviously stay in the car all weekend. Aired out the sleeping bag!
  10. Partway to the festival, probably eating a big breakfast somewhere south of Birmingham!! Volunteering for the first time so will be full of nervous excitement 😊
  11. Bought some bright pink sliders for round the campsite, spiced rum and some bottled water (once the water has been drunk, rum will replace it). Reorganised my Glasto pile into food, booze, and a bag of random bits like a headtorch, waterproof trousers, Sunhat etc.
  12. I'll be arriving Monday as I'm stewarding with Oxfam, so I'm hoping that by Wednesday evening I'll have my first shift at least partly out of the way!!
  13. Put up the tent and checked all was good - surprisingly pristine condition after its last use at Glasto 2019! Got some pot noodles, crisps and a folding bowl. Dug out the stainless steel bottle. Starting to feel like I can finally get excited..
  14. Trying to form my own sub playlist, but heavy listeners for me so far have been Fontaines DC, Inhaler, Confidence Man, Sam Fender, Professor Elemental, Declan Mckenna. Got loooads more so hoping to focus on Leon Bridges, Kikagaku Moyo, Khruangbin, Arlo Parks next!
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