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  1. hienvn94

    Travel to Glastonbury

    I am heading to Glastonbury Festival this year and I am looking for ways of getting to the festival from London. Does anyone know of any good ways of getting there? Thanks
  2. How our world was created, is based on many theories. I'd like to stick to the theory that there came beings from another planet to ours. Maybe these beings knew they were headed here or maybe they crash landed? What if molecules from them got into ours waters and after time, plants started to grow?Who can say otherwise? These are just mere theories and we cannot know for sure what actually happened?I very much dislike people who say that there is no other life in the universe. That cannot be. Try to think about how incredibly vast the universe is, and to think we (in this galaxy out of several gazillions) are the only ones, is just.. is just.. it doesn't make any sense.Black holes, they are created when a star grows so big it implodes (in the end of it's "life"), right? What happened if one it sucked into it? Do you die? Is a black hole a big hole of nothing? Vacuum? Does the Universe have an end? Is it a physical end or what? Can you pass it somehow? What happens if you did pass it, what's behind there? What does 42 actually mean? Google says it's the answer to life, the universe and everything, but why a number? And why 42?There are just questions I've been thinking about the past months. It all, say, intrigues me.