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  1. MaaykeDutch

    Glastonbury and hookah waterpipe?

    Hmm so legal highs is the policy so if I can ensure them that its not for weed but for fun it is no problem in England? In the netherlands its no problem at all these waterpipe. Only the types i the shape of a bong are not allowed, thats why I ask the question. Maybe it was naive to think it was posible to get tickets sometimes you can have some luck with festivals to buy tickets from people who can't go anymore. But when there is no 2018 edition (omg) then it would be hard Still going to England these dates, hope to find a other festival then. It's in the middle of the season so that wont be a problem I think.
  2. MaaykeDutch

    Glastonbury and hookah waterpipe?

    O My God............ You are right.. I'm staying in england in the house of my brother in law and was planning to go to the glastonbury festival but I did not noticed that it is in 2019?!?! I will stay there from June 20th till 7th of July. I did the check on http://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals but I had the date from 2018 till 2019 And why do you think I spam?! Just a link to example the waterpipe I bought.. the don't ship to England so how is spam posible. So still the same question but then on a other festival like.. Supersonic Festival .. is it allowed to have a waterpipe in england / festivals? Is there a reason why there is no Glastonbury this year.. Every year accept this year
  3. MaaykeDutch

    Glastonbury and hookah waterpipe?

    Hi All, My name is Maayke from The Netherlands. This week I bought a small pink hookah like this one: Pink Waterpipe This Juni i'm on holiday in the UK and will visit the Glastonbury festival My question is: Is it allowed to take with me this waterpipe? I won't smoke drugs or tabacco only Steamstones. It's so much fun with a little drink and good music. But I don't want to lose it by the security, thank you all for the information! Kind regards, Maayke