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  1. Phil200147

    Car keys

    Got it sorted! Some lovely person handed them in! Fell out at the search area
  2. Phil200147

    Car keys

    That also seems to have vanished from my tent...
  3. Phil200147

    Car keys

    Any one ever lost their car keys? Any tips what tk do/ cost of AA?
  4. Phil200147


    Depends if they see it...
  5. Cannot echo this enough. My mate refused to watch bruce so went up to Avalon for the wonder stuff armed with 2 litres of my homebrew. Went up two hours to find him off his tits watching some bhangra band in the cafe. We were like what the hell is this. Next thing you know the whole cafe is breaking out in bhangra dancing (the teach you as the set goes on)
  6. What happened to Bradley Cooper ?
  7. Discovered it back in 08 and been back every year since. Its tremendous open late night. Just a small organic wine tent which sells hot cider and hot rum punch its fantastic.
  8. The hot rum from the tent on the track towards avalon ????
  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/7908682/glasto-appearance-spice-girls/ Anyone seen this? Scary spice saying they are in talks to headline ... allegedly
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