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  1. Ahhhh dudes, this thread is bad ass! Been looking for somewhere with fond memories of Glastonbury - my first ever festival! 2000 was my year... So much fun I missed some acts I went to see. Dang! Notable gigs for 2000: Moby NIN Chemical brothers Live Jules Holland rhythm and blues band A perfect circle Jon pigweed - glade I missed: LEFTFIELD!!! DEATH IN VEGAS FAT BOY SLIM GROOVE ARMADA JOSH WINK GILES PETERSON and soooooo many more... Does anyone have any of these guys recordings to share? Can't fin
  2. Easy all, Just joined this forum off the back of looking for this mix. Long time reader first time poster... Feel free to chat about this and other bar 9 / quality fierce dubstep... wuuuub! For your indulgence... :-P
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