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  1. Hi Julie. Thank you for contacting me and paying deposit for campervan ticket. I will be in touch again once the ticket has been released to collect the balance and will issue the ticket to you. Thanks
  2. Ticket is still available if you're still interested.
  3. Hi Kevin. Sorry, it's gone. I'd put it on other sites and someone else contacted me first. If they let me down, I will let you know.
  4. I have one campervan ticket to sell for this years Isle of Wight festival. Including the service fees and digital print pass, the total price is £240. I'm just after getting money back as we do not have use of campervan now. Please contact me if you're interested. Thanks You will still need festival tickets to enter the festival as this ticket is a campervan pitch only. It does not have electric hook up as far as I know as I did not select that when I purchased the ticket.
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