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  1. Headliner predictions 2021:- Tame Impala LCD Soundsystem Fleet Foxes Massive Attack Gorillaz Tyler, The Creator
  2. At least one member of Kraftwerk and Iggy Pop are over 70. That day can't go ahead. I wonder why they have not yet announced a cancellation, waiting for the nod from the insurance company?
  3. Caribou have just pulled their European tour
  4. Seeing as APE seems unlikely to happen shouldn't we start discussing 2021 headliners?
  5. APE is 12 weeks away, Coronavirus won't be over in 12 weeks
  6. Have people give up on Biffy Clyro?Surely they are the most probable final headliner
  7. I can't believe it's only 12 weeks away and they still have 2 whole days to announce. Do you think this year will be the last year they do it?
  8. Brian Wilson is playing the following weekend in Denmark I think
  9. At the rate they will be announcing the last 2 headliners a week before and it will be Razorlight and the Levellers
  10. Anyone think that maybe no more days will be announced. Maybe they will just do the three days this year.
  11. There can be no way the Strokes could play Has there ever been a festival where an act has headlined 2 years in a row? (where that act hasn't organised the festival)
  12. My wild guesses:- Fri 22 May - New Order / Doves Sat 30 May - Biffy Clyro / Royal Blood Sun 31 May - Lana Del Rey / Kacey Musgrave
  13. Looks like MCR have teased a UK date for June which rules them out of headlining an APE day
  14. It's only 19 weeks away and they have yet to announce 4 entire days. They must have alot of confidence that there lineups will sell easily
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