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  1. Melvin Benn has gone on about how rage are his ideal headliner, or something along those lines
  2. You are only setting yourself up for disappointment
  3. yeah Reading should be fine hopefully, the main festivals that need to be worried are the may/june festivals as thats when the government think it will be at its peak
  4. Also all festivals big and small will have some form of insurance in place for when these kind of events happen, most festivals will be fine if they need to cancel
  5. New biffy single is way better than that first one, big improvement
  6. I wouldn’t consider elbow to be a novelty act and certainly wouldn’t be on R&L radar, or madness either. the only act that certainly could and would be a good booking is Dizzee. R&L need to get on that asap for a nice mid afternoon slot
  7. Hoping Shame will join the lineup, hopefully their new album is as good as songs of praise
  8. Yeah that's something I've been wondering, is slowthai really big enough to be 4th on main? I remember when i saw him last year in the tent he didn't pull a particularly massive crowd (to my surprise)
  9. Christ i know, i doubt many school leavers know rock n roll queen let alone who the bloody subways are honestly bizarre
  10. Zuu is great, but its not a scratch on taboo! That album is a masterpiece
  11. Honestly I’m surprised his still on the lineup, he was sentenced way before the announcement
  12. not sure if this would ever happen, but Tiny Meat Gang for alternative stage!
  13. Yeah wherever tbh, just a decent afternoon band to catch! Yeah new album is great really loving it, tbh he has quite a large cult following so i think he wouldn’t look out of place on the lineup and could draw a fairly decent crowd
  14. Think magic gang would be quite a nice addition early main or radio 1 one day, like their latest single quite a lot Shame King Krule isn’t really a r&l booking would love for Archie to be booked!
  15. Yeah Trnsmt nosedived in quality fast
  16. Even still this does not accurately reflect how people listen to music, people tend to listen to single tracks as opposed to full albums and album charts whilst taking streaming into account is still heavily weighted towards physical/digital purchases. 1 stream of a single song is unlikely to count as an album stream as that would be massively disproportionate using the album charts formula, streams upon release also won’t truly reflect an albums success on streaming platforms as it takes time for streams to accumulate where physical/digital album sales are instant and can immediately be defined
  17. Lol their music is genuinely insane can’t wait to see what their live show is gonna be like
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