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    Mate that is bloody awesome good work
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    Is anyone making a time lapse video from the webcam?
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    Glasto 2015

    Flight over Glasto 2 weeks before
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    Secret resales 2015

    Crazy that tickets are still available.... Anyone used an unused reg number?
  5. Yes I did report it, which was a real pain in the ass took two hours and a long trek across the site. The crime stats that are on Avon and Somerset website are for this year at least are quoted on monday morning. "As of Monday morning, as people go home, there have been 242 crimes - which is about 20% less than last year." To be fair it does say later in the article "It's not too late for anyone who has got home and found property missing to report it to us." but I can't find any other info on their website about Glastonbury crime stats. Also the hassle of reporting a crime may mean that there are quite a few that go unreported? 242 for 175,000 is incredibly low for a weekend of people staying in unsecured places though. I don't think that I was the only one of 242 (ok it was last year for me so one of 280somthing). I 100% agree there are people who are consciously trying to not leave things to waste, and there are far too many tents that are left. However the idea that things that are "unattended" on the monday are somehow fair game is wrong in my opinion. There is also the fact that people going rummaging around looking in tents on the monday makes it much easier for thieves to get away with doing the same. As progue said in an earlier post the tatting should maybe be at least discouraged until later in the day on the monday. To be honest what annoyed me about your post was that you were telling me I was a fool for sleeping in my own tent on the monday and expecting my stuff to be still be there when I woke up. There are some thefts from tents during the festival, I do not see what can be done about that beyond what is, however on the monday it is another level. You would take exception with someone looking in a number of tents on the days of the festival however as it is some how acceptable to be tatting on the monday no one batts an eyelid over people unzipping other peoples tents. This makes it far easier for thieves to blend in, which is never going to be a good thing. PS some tatters may unzip a tent to look inside and realise that it is not abandoned and walk off, but the next person may see a tent still unzipped and then think it has been abandoned. There is something wrong with what is happening on the monday in my opinion.
  6. Well who knows how big a problem it is, because it is officially after the festival so to my knowledge it is not recorded in the festival crime stats. But anecdotally quite a few of the people around us who did not get back to there tents until midday had there tents rummaged through at the very least. I would not leave that much stuff in my tent, over the weekend but how much do people have to take to a festival, clothes shoes, rucksack all add up to quite a few hundred quid, regardless. But I do feel safe leaving these things in my tent over the festival, until monday.
  7. I am sure that there are some people who genuinely think they are doing the right thing by taking a tent that may have been discarded, but are also a lot of people out thieving on the monday and by it being acceptable on monday for people to go scavenging around looking in peoples tents these thieving gits have a reasonable cover. "oh i thought it was abandoned..." bullshit. I and my ex-girlfriend have had our entire bags stolen from our tents while we were sleeping off a hangover mid morning on the monday, and after we woke up we found many of our neighbours had had there tents ransacked. This is one of the fecking horrible parts of glastonbury where for the whole weekend you feel safe leaving your things in your tent, but come monday it is apparently not ok to leave your tent even to go and get a coffee, or take your things to the car without fear of having it nicked. "tatters' may be ok to some extent but those who do not see that there is a problem well feckit you are blind to the problem, and there is a big problem. Just because it has not happened to you.....
  8. Managed to enter reg details and then thoroughly crashed, now can't even load holding page anymore
  9. Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete. Humm think someone broke it?
  10. See Tickets @seetickets We are experiencing technical issues this morning, we are working as fast as we can to resolve and will update as soon as possible
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