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  1. Snoop Dog 2010 Blur 2009 Rolling Stones 2013 Foals 2017 Evan Dando 2013
  2. Had it on good authority they won’t be there this year
  3. I have known my friend for years and trust them a lot. From recollection, she get confirmed what hospitality tickets she can get in March and then I need to pay her straight away. I then get a ticket in May/start of June with my name on but no photo. I need to present the ticket with photo ID when I get to the hospitality office at gate A where they exchange it for a hospitality band. Works well but I guess it depends how well you trust your London friend.
  4. I have a friend in the industry who get me hospitality tickets if I fail via normal route. Cost twice as much as standard tickets (but hey it gets me in) and gives you exactly what is mentioned above. oh, also I just remembered, for the past couple of times I’ve done hospitality on the Thursday night in the interstate bar Michael Eavis has given a charity speech and opened a free bar for half an hour paid for by the charity?!?!
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