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  1. pecks

    West Holts 2017

    oddly, they played my local bout 3 years ago. on that particular occaision, the mustard was most definitely cut.
  2. pecks

    Secret resales

    massive thanks. I'll probably still try to see if anyone wants me to play, but I'm definitely in, 5th one in a row now! extra special as one of my best friends is leaving for a new life in the USA in the middle of July, so we can properly hang out for the weekend.
  3. pecks

    Secret resales

    holy carp....
  4. pecks

    Secret resales

    I suspect they are a recent invention
  5. pecks

    Secret resales

    I thought someone said it was a few minutes after 2, i.e. not exactly on the hour
  6. pecks

    Secret resales

    thanks man, much appreciated
  7. pecks

    Secret resales

    hmmm something is afoot...
  8. pecks

    Secret resales

    ngggggggrrrrrrrrrr Monday morning........................
  9. pecks

    Secret resales

    just notices yer a fellow Bristolian btw
  10. pecks

    Secret resales

    oh I just tried and it said you can't receive any new messages. must be popular!
  11. pecks

    Secret resales

    can you add me to the whatsapp thingy? I have no idea how it works, but I'll figure it out. thought my band were playing this year but turns out it's no-go. now I'm without a ticket and I can't face the prospect of missing out
  12. pecks

    Nick Cave

    probably the best thing I saw all weekend. wasn't a fan before - obviously I knew who he was, but that was about it. definitely a fan now.