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  1. Thank you for everyone's participation, i have received valuable feedback i can use and have closed the survey. As i said earlier it was just a university project, this will not receive further progression. My apologies if my message was mis-construed , i now understand the ecological impact as well as the logistical impact. I'm just speaking for a team whom shared a similar experience , however, is not the same at all festivals. Yet again, apologies and thank you for helping out with my university project, it genuinely means a lot. Kind regards David
  2. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XRVRNHX My university project is at the University of Edinburgh and would really appreciate 3 mins of your time to fill this out. This survey is for market research (University project) into how Festivan can enhance the experience of a music festival for the campers. We all know the dread of carrying our rucksacks, crates of alcohol and food for what seems like a life time until we reach a suitable camping spot (especially through the mud). The idea is to have vehicular transport to take your luggage off you, transport it to the camping site, allowing for you to wait in the entrance line or walk without the added mass. As soon as you meet the member of staff at the location within the camping site, they will check its you (you will receive a unique code for your items) and you can pitch up without already being exhausted. There is also an option of transporting goods from supermarkets to the site, saving money at the festivals for a delivery fee.