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  1. BuzzyLisa

    Boomtown 2018

    How do you know that?
  2. BuzzyLisa

    Tips, tricks, advice and must do's!

    Arg! Rookie error. I meant bring! Not sure how to amend my comment either. There is no map up yet and wondered about getting a locker downtown or hilltop... is the locker even worth it. These sort of things. Obviously I'll just be being my normal self but I'm thinking what else could be a good idea. I'm a planner by nature (damn Virgo!) so happy to hear what people recommend. I heard something about not camping near the bowl in case it rains. What camping areas are best and why?
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and Boomtown this year will be my first. I'm super excited as will be celebrating my 30th with my partner in tow! What are your recommendations, tips on what to being, food, camping, loos, terrain etc. I'd love to hear the things you wished you had done last time or the things that help make your festival experience the best