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  1. Hey, What's the security like going into the campsite? Is every person searched thoroughly, like a full bag inspection for some and more of a brief pat down in the bag thing for others? With the sniffer dogs how common are they heading in and during the searches? Does the handler make the dog sniff out every bag?
  2. What is the easiest town to get to from the hive to buy stuff?
  3. Hey, first time going this year due to the lack of any sort of a UK line-up and had a few questions to ask... 1. In the highlighted area below, is there an entry requirement or is anyone allowed in? Just asking because I've been to a couple events where you needed to acquire an additional wristband from security/marshals to go to the front barrier. 2. Does this area deplete quite quickly after an act has finished? And how quickly does that area fill up again during the changing over of acts? Can you leave and go to bar, then come back relatively to the same position you were in? 3. In regards to the barn, I've seen a few comments saying that you have be in there for the act before the act you actually want to see to get a decent enough spot in the crowd, is this true? Guess it always depends on who is performing, too.
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