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  1. Saaaame. Although I'm getting my tent in Brussels on the Tuesday
  2. Emailed them and they said I couldn;'t book specific areas because no one really knows where they will be camping which is fair
  3. lifesaver! 🙌 now I just have to find out if I can book one specifically in the Hive or not 🤔
  4. Don't suppose you could link? I'd love to rent one beforehand as opposed to the scramble when I get there 😅
  5. Well this is good news. At least it saves me booking the booster. As for the ticket, it'll be hanging around my neck. So as long as I don't lose my neck I should be A-OK! 😅
  6. Thank fuck. They always confused me. Do I still need a valid jab/booster from under 270 days? I haven't got my booster and its been over 270 days.
  7. I'd love if they somehow linked them onto the entrance code on the wristband. Just tap it to top up or something. Its definitely more complicated than I think it is though
  8. I'm gonna say...Yes? I decided I'd get one for the first time since I started going but I'd assume as much seeing its got the barcode 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yep. Have it about 2 weeks now. (in Ireland)
  10. So this special encore has nothing to do with RW as a whole then?
  11. Head over to the RW reddit. Theres a post on it regareding a whats app group that was set up in 2019. I usually go with others but that year I traveled over alone and met them in LEuven and we all camped together
  12. Whats all this about an Encore.
  13. Whoa. I didn't expect to return to such an implosion this forum after a couple of days away 😅
  14. Well I'm mostly happy anyway. Got what I wanted. Anything from here is a bonus.
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