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  1. Soul Grenades

    Secure Storage - Standard / Large - How Big?

    Thanks for the replies! Only just noticed the "notify me of replies" option which was disabled by default... Car boot would work well, but at this point I'm not sure if the band members who are driving will hang about more than an overnight stay. Some of us will be there for the duration. We are indeed playing the Chai Wallahs stage on the Friday night! Really looking forward to it! We're pencilled in for 10pm on the Friday. If there is space for a sax case in your motorhome I might just take you up on that!
  2. Soul Grenades

    Secure Storage - Standard / Large - How Big?

    Thanks for the reply! The issue is there'll be space backstage to keep stuff around the time we're on, but after that it's less certain. Some of us will be spending the whole weekend there, so we could really do with somewhere that's definitely secure. Car won't be an option for myself as I'll be on the train.
  3. Hi there! Can anyone tell me approximately how large (or otherwise) the secure storage is at Kendal? I'm looking for somewhere safe to keep my saxophone after our set on the Friday night, I'm not sure at this point whether the secure storage is feasible. Cheers, Milan.