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  1. tpark


    Excellent thank you, will definitely look into that tonight
  2. tpark


    Hey, probably tracks/albums is what I'm after, probably into the more funky side than minimal, so probably house rather than techno, I did try for 2021 tickets but was not successful, I did get a volunteering space with oxfam (as I did last year) but they aren't carried over to next year so am stuck hoping
  3. My favourite microvenue of the entire festival, was very sad about it not being there last year
  4. tpark


    Helloooo, basically been keeping one eye on this thread, and the insanely good maribou state set from last year whilst having a few beers has brought me back to it. I'm one of those guys who loves rock etc but then gets into DnB cause my friends like it and now want to get into house/techno stuff. Have only managed to scrape in a Jasper James set this year but am a fan of Maribou State, Bicep, Dusky etc as well as older stuff like Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada but I'm only 21 so missed the hayday (but did see Faithless headline Boardmasters when I was 16 and god that was unreal). I think I'm into more stuff going on than minimal but any reccomendations on who to explore would be greatly recieved, big ups.
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