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  1. Walking back from Whistler’s Green in 2018 and being called over by some ‘wizards’. We all had to hold hands in a circle and make weird noises and chants before doing something with holy water that I can’t actually remember, there was some kind of spiritual reason for it but I can’t remember that either
  2. tpark

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Friendly Fires this year was an unlikely highlight for me
  3. tpark

    2020 headliners

    At 20 I guess i’m the youth, 1975 are easily bigger with people my age (even though I much prefer foals) but there are still lots of people who dislike them, and i’m certain acts like Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys and Muse are still more popular and would go down better
  4. Bottles of rum wrapped in my sleeping bag at the bottom of a ridiculously big rucksack that no security guard can be bothered or have the time to fully search
  5. Lauryn Hill’s website says she is on Sunday so I guess she will clash with prophets with groove armada subbing?
  6. 1) Foals 2) Stormzy 3) Bring me the horizon
  7. Last year some staff that were on site on the Tuesday or Wednesday sent them out but nothing until then (Town Centre headliners are usually 9-10 and Lions Den 9-10:30/11 but will need to know which day they’ll be on)
  8. tpark


    The moon is up now and slowly rotating around
  9. Barry put on Facebook that he wanted to enjoy the festival and hang out with friends this year so is only doing a dj set at strummerville and the glade set
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