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  1. Mishell

    Riding solo ✨✨

    Hey thanks, I will honestly consider your invite! if you want you can add my snap: Missbabez101 x
  2. Heyyy , so i was wondering who else Is riding solo to Reading... my former friend practically made me buy a weekend ticket, promising me that she’ll come with me, so I paid for my ticket. A week before the lineup came out she told me that she didn’t want to come anymore (due to some petty excuses). Anyway forget about her... I recently saw the line up (which is actually decent!) and I want to go solo, to see all my favourites artists such as post Malone, KENDRICK LAMMMAR, lil pump, Yungen, Kojo etc. but I’m only 16 and this will be my second festival after wireless this year... my question is do you think I’ll be alright to go there for a full weekend solo, coz I literally a loner and can’t find anyone to go with???