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  1. 70ish names here, that email doing the rounds says we’re getting 90+
  2. Is there a consensus on that third headliner then? I’m seeing Biffy/BMTH, Biffy, Stormzy and Eminem all being floated about... which is it? 😂
  3. It’s just a reference to the Slaves song right? Maybe they did it on purpose though haha.
  4. I love Yaeji as well, but if we’re looking at who’s going to have a bigger 2018 I’d safely say Sigrid is gonna take off and have major mainstream appeal assuming her album is as decently produced as her EP and Strangers.
  5. She’s decent in fairness. I wasn’t surprised about the sound of 18 as BBC seemed to be pushing her as far back as Glastonbury last year as someone to watch. Can’t see her headlining a stage but would be very surprised if she wasn’t on the mid card and maybe playing fairly high up the NME one of the days.
  6. Long time lurker but the all the Chris Jericho hype has made me want to join in...
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