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  1. Wayward

    Peter Hook & The Light

    yeah i seen that suggested too but they don't have an asterisk next to them on the lineup poster
  2. Wayward

    Peter Hook & The Light

    Really looking forward to seeing these. Have been blasting their live stuff on Spotify. Sounds great, not the best vocals obviously but that doesn't bother me. I'm hoping they're playing Friday.
  3. I'd be made up if they were
  4. Wayward

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Tea Street Band - don't miss them! Also check out the Skeleton Key records bands playing Tim Peaks, some great stuff on that label (founded by The Coral)
  5. Wayward

    Main Stage

    would much prefer the dubs to be on the Friday or Saturday. I'm normally in take it easy mode on the Sunday and they're the last band I want to be taking it easy for!
  6. Would love some electronic stuff to be added. Hot Chip, LCD, 2 Bears, Joe Goddard, Django Django, Fujiya Miyagi, Shit Robot type stuff. No chance in terms of Hot Chip, LCD... but something along those lines please. ,
  7. Wayward

    What's everyone think then?

    Yeah. The headliners are generally not a festival’s highlights in my experience. Really looking forward to the dub pistols and the tea street band! The astrobeats doing talking heads and the skeleton key takeover. James and OCS too. Have been checking out the lucid dream and plastic mermaids - liking what I’ve heard, something a bit more (and much needed!) alternative!
  8. Wayward

    Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    I'm looking forward to Run DMC. I do agree though, I think they would do a great 45 mins - a full 90 min slot will drag. Saturday night main headliner still to be announced...
  9. Wayward

    Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    yeah fair point. They just don't seem like headliner acts to me and the poster only uses the word headliner for the Thursday - the Hacienda thing will be great btw! I'm hoping they are holding back on a couple of already booked headline level surprises - but i'm probably just being a naive optimist.
  10. Wayward

    Wens the next announcement coz the 1st ones shite

    I'm fairly happy with the lineup so far - I do think there is at least one headliner still to be announced though!
  11. Wayward

    What's everyone think then?

    I thought Paul Heaton was a defo?