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  1. Not the best but the additions of Drenge and Pins are very welcome. There's certainly enough below the headliners to make it worthwhile.
  2. I did notice that Truck's Twitter account liked the Courteeners yesterday. The little I've heard from them has been pretty uninspiring and they certainly wouldn't be headliner to really grab people's attention and sell more tickets.
  3. will be quite interesting to see who they go for, last year was a completely different type of headliner to 2016. I'd like to see one day indie legend type and one day dance/hip hop
  4. he's already playing Benicàssim that day
  5. I genuinely think the announcement would have been better received if Wolf Alice had been named as a headliner ahead of KoL or FoB. Then at least they could've been shown to be backing a young British band fronted by a female. Instead you've got two all male American bands which are ten years past their prime (three if you count P!atD).
  6. That's a good spot, unless he's playing Paris earlier in the day on the Saturday and flying back to do the 10pm slot at Tramlines that day. Otherwise it's likely to be the phonics, although they wouldn't be the biggest headliner they've ever had as the manics were/are a bigger name. They could of course pull off a shock and get someone else entirely instead (Liam for instance?). No one saw the George Ezra/Friendly Fires announcement coming so you never know, all we do know is that they'll have 'indie/rock fans bouncing' according to the Oxford mail ...
  7. truck has shared a headliner with Tramlines since 2014 so if that continues it'll be Noel or Stereophonics. The Oxford mail said this announcement was delayed for contractual reasons so that might be due to the Blenheim palace gig. If it is a big act then it actually makes sense for them to hold back until they only have the more expensive tickets left. Plus it avoids getting another Kodaline style disappointing final announcement, better to get bigger as you go along than go backwards.
  8. I think they'll need a much stronger Sunday headliner than any those mentioned - am thinking Noel or Stereophonics level of national recognition. The current ticket sales are only at 30% (they were almost sold out by March last year) and there's been a noticeable lack of excitement on social media. This week's announcement would have been great for the old Truck but after the last 3 years of expansion (particularly last year) this was underwhelming at best - even the lower down acts aren't quite as strong this time and I really think they've over estimated the pull of Friendly Fires (I'm fine with George Ezra as he's had recent success, huge play numbers, award winning etc). The Thursday lineup also needs strengthening significantly - the idea behind having that day was to help ease congestion on the Friday, but unless there's a genuine reason for people to spend an extra £25 that won't happen. Currently I can see the bands announced for that day for a lot less. The capacity this year is substantially bigger (18,000 compared to 13,500) so essentially they really need a name proven to sell. Above all though, I just hope they've sorted the non-music related issues from last year.
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