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  1. Well that’s not actually illegal (after lockdown) whereas mixing in tier 2 with other households is. 😉
  2. And this is exactly why the case numbers go up.
  3. Apologies @kingbadgerI’ve just taken a further look and the rate In Colchester is actually 54.7/100,000 over a 7 day incidence. This I believe is genuinely low enough to justify tier 1 restrictions, so we will see what happens. The issue is if your area is tier 1 and surrounding areas are tier 2, there’s a risk of massive influx of people from surrounding areas bringing in and spreading higher levels of the virus and bringing rates up in Colchester too.
  4. I mean 80 per 100,000 isn’t low though, regions should really be aiming for 35-50 per 100k over a 7 day incidence. The massive risk with tier 1 is the case rates just drift up until the point it is too late and then you move up a tier but it’s too late, and it gives the government too many places to keep an eye on and with swapping tiers everywhere it all gets too confusing. I guess the new tactic is put everyone into a higher tier, hope it’s enough to keep a lid on cases but then they won’t have to worry about moving anyone up or down and all of these negotiations with council lead
  5. Yeah but everywhere tier 3 would still get non essential shops and gyms and sports running again wouldn’t it?
  6. So what's the point in even announcing a tier 1 then? Tier 2 should just be branded as tier 1 now...?
  7. In my opinion, these tiers don’t work and everyone should just be under tier 3 restrictions (national restrictions) for the next 3 weeks before 5 days of chaos at Christmas when the cases are going to spike. We can’t afford to ease the restrictions now and then have Christmas on top or the health service could really struggle come January. So therefore, given Christmas is coming up, and London has 10 million people who will all be mixing around the country come 22nd December, London in my opinion should sit at tier 3 until Christmas. Otherwise people from other tier 3 areas might travel i
  8. No negotiations on tiers. Let’s hope they get it right.
  9. Wow low cases and admissions dipping too.
  10. I’m also sad that there’s no further guidance on face coverings in public busy outdoor spaces, such as outdoor markets, protests or in a theme park setting. I was hoping they would be mandated in queuelines and across more of our park to reduce some of the chaos I have to put up with on a daily basis.
  11. I don’t agree with the tiers at the moment anyway. I think it’s a very risky strategy to go back to tiers and then let everyone have a 5 day free for all over Christmas. If we are going to let people go crazy over Christmas, then we need to keep a harsh foot on the brakes over December to prevent awful numbers in january.
  12. It’s chaotically busy. I live here and it’s just a free-for-all. I don’t see why london should be put into a lower tier just to “save the economy”. Also having London open to the economy means that people will travel in from high risk areas to go on nights out in London as before, thus bringing the virus in higher concentrations.
  13. Ffs rule of 6 coming back, uncontrollable in a theme park setting. Will wait and see to what tier we land in because I’m working on an indoor ride this winter and seems like “indoor entertainment” can’t operate under tier 3. So London will have to be tier 1 or tier 2. Should really be tier 3 in my opinion but have a feeling the government will put us into 1 or 2 because they are crazy. Also fans back to stadiums, increasing public transport users spreading the virus more. Then 5 days of full relaxation over Christmas. The only saviour here is the vaccine. But I still think we wi
  14. Nice to see your optimism. I still remain cautious in my view!
  15. Exactly, most people felt much more relaxed and let down their guard after restrictions were eased but I never felt like that. If someone has come too close to me or not had their mask on it’s made me extremely uncomfortable this entire period. 😕 When this is all over, I’d like to think that I won’t have to worry about people getting too close and that element of claustrophobia remaining, but i think it’s going to take me a while to phase out of that sort of thing and from next summer I’m going to need to start building up my confidence again slowly. Starting with basic things such as goi
  16. I think personally from a mental point of view I would struggle being that close to so many people after all of this has happened. I also still remain cautious that over 18s will be vaccinated by the summer, or even be offered a vaccine at all. So I remain cautious about the vaccine timeline as the vulnerable are much more important than me and I expect it could take a bit longer than anticipated.
  17. Where I’m lying caution with Glasto/Sziget/Rock Werchter etc is they are all surely huge international festivals which rely on international artists and international audiences. Just because the UK might finish its vaccination plan first, does that mean glasto would be financially plausible to go ahead if lots of international bands and audience weren’t able to come? Similarly, the NHS could mess up the vaccination plan and the whole thing could get delayed meaning glasto wasn’t feasible and a different international festival might be able to run. My concern with Glastonbury is how
  18. Unfortunately I’ve grown to not believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.
  19. There’s no way London will go to tier 1. We were tier 2 pre lockdown meaning we are guaranteed tier 2 (what was tier 3 before) it not the new stricter tier 3. What baffles me is they are actually sticking with the rule of 6 in tier 1 areas, which is crazy as that’s such a stupid rule.
  20. This head line is so god damn misleading it’s awful.
  21. So what do people think then: London tier 2 and “save the economy” or the right decision and put London in tier 3. Guess we will find out on Thursday.
  22. I think we will follow the 3 household bubble rule for Christmas Day but certainly not for a whole 5 days, and I think we will try to host outside rather than inside even though it’s going to be freezing. Needs must, but I’m personally more worried about going into tiers again on the 2nd December followed by 5 days of easing over Christmas. The numbers aren’t going to be pretty in January are they.
  23. Completely agreed. 2nd December onwards is going to be a grim couple of months.
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