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  1. Well, I received the wristband yesterday without an email warning... So I guess we can expect anything ?
  2. Is it normal to not have received the wristband yet? I bought it in January. I'm getting worried..... I'm new to this, I don't know what to and not to expect.....
  3. Actually I just checked my e-mail, and last time I got an e-mail from mad cool info, (because I changed my address), they said I would receive the wristband "next month" which would be April..... wth I don't even know if they understand what they were saying, cuz Spanish people are really bad at English, so it's a mess to communicate properly with them... I want my wristbaaaaaand :(((
  4. I got the e-tickets too, I think that has nothing to do with the wristbands, because right after you buy the tickets on Ticketmaster, you're supposed to get the e-tickets on your e-mail, right away..
  5. Me too!! They said that they would be sending wristbands until mid June, or something like that, so.... I bought my ticket on January, and Portugal is super close to Spain, so I don't know what their criteria are to send the wristbands.. does somebody know, from previous years of Mad Cool?
  6. When do you think the tickets will sell out?? Ugh can't wait to get the wristband. They are taking forever to send that email.... And I live pretty much next door to Spain... So many people posting tweets with their wristband boxes on Mad Cool's twitter....
  7. I thought that the mad cool site was bigger than Nos.. Isn't it? I don't have a precise idea of how big Nos is, because when I went there last summer, daily ticket, I stayed in the front crowd almost the whole time so I didn't have much time to explore the site.. Anyway, I think that Nos has sold out on the 14th already, 1st bc people buy a lot of tickets during xmas and Portuguese people overall went nuts when Pearl Jam joined the line up, and 2nd lots of tickets are bought by people who don't want to go to the festival, but only to sell them at a higher price.... It's really really common around here in Portuguese festivals... I think this happens around the world, but I can only speak for my country.. Can't wait for Mad Cool Btw, MGMT's new album comes out tomorrow!! I'm really excited, so far the singles they have released are so cool, so 80s!!!!!
  8. Just sent an email! Thanks! How long did it take to get an answer? I actually did email them through pulseras@madcool.es a few weeks ago and I haven't got an answer back..
  9. For those who have already been to Mad Cool, how early should we get to the festival site?
  10. Thank you! But I read on the Mad Cool website that only people who didn't ask for the wristband delivered at home, can pick one up at will call, so what you're saying is that anyone who has the printed ticket can pick it up there too? For what I've seen here, nobody ever had problems with the delivery, right? What are the pros of getting the wristband delivered home? The only scenario I can think of is a long long queue there to get the wristband, am I right? Another question: right after buying the ticket, I realized there was a tiny mistake on the address, and I corrected it.. Do I need to let them know of that little change through the email pulseras@madcool.es or does Ticketmaster considers the address (to send the wristband) as it is right now on the account info?
  11. Hey everyone! Just signed up here! I was searching for Mad Cool topics, because this is the first year I'm going to a festival abroad, and I'm trying to get as much info as I can. The only thing that worries me are the wristbands... I bought the ticket for July 12th at Ticketmaster.es, and they are supposed to start sending the wristband from this month on; what if it doesn't get here, and there's some issue while they are sending it, and/or gets lost during the shipping process?? On the festival website, they say we have to take the wristband (for those who chose it to be delivered at home) or we might have problems entering the festival, even if we have the printed ticket.. Has anyone ever had problems with the wristband or its delivery? I just like to be sure about every little detail, better safe than sorry. Sorry if my English is not perfect! I'm Portuguese btw, NOS alive is amazing, but this year nothing beats Mad Cool's lineup!!
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